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Laurie Gray and MAYBE I WILL


Sixteen-year-old Sandy has a secret. A terrible secret. Who will listen? Who will believe? Who will help?

In Maybe I Will, author Laurie Gray's second novel, she draws on her experience as a deputy prosecuting attorney dealing with crimes against children to portray the realities of sexual assault. She explores how such a violent act can affect the young victim: brewing deep emotional turmoil and inducing dramatic, often negative, changes in behavior and relationships.

In my March children's market column for Authorlink.com, Gray shares why she chose not to tie up her story's ending in a pretty bow and how, in a unique twist, she wrote the entire book without revealing Sandy's gender, thus allowing it to be read from either a male or female perspective.

Be sure to stop by Gray's website, www.SocraticParenting.com, as well.