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Cheryl Rainfield and SCARS

Fifteen-year old Kendra is a cutter. To deal with splintered memories of childhood sexual abuse, she takes blade to skin – again and again. But with the help of friends, her therapist, and a new girlfriend, Kendra discovers the truth of her abuse, battles the impulse to cut, and bravely faces life as a survivor.
Kendra's story, captured in Cheryl Rainfield's gritty young adult novelScars, out this month in paperback, reads like real life. It is, in fact, based on Rainfield's own experience of childhood abuse and the self-harm she used to cope with it. 

In my May children's market column at Authorlink.com, Rainfield tells of the challenges of writing about a painful past, how she persevered through hundreds of rejection letters, and the hope and healing that Scars' success has offered her and its readers. 

Be sure to check out Rainfield's website, as well, at www.cherylrainfield.com!