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Bob Krech and REBOUND

Ray Wisniewski loves basketball. But at his high school, the white kids wrestle. It's the black kids who play b-ball. When Ray finally lands a hard-won place on the varsity basketball team, he's forced to examine the many and multi-faceted attitudes toward race that surround him – his white friends', his black teammates', his family's, his coaches', and, especially, his own.

Author Bob Krech takes an unflinching look at high school race relations in Rebound (Marshall Cavendish, 2006), now out in paperback, with the b-ball court as his backdrop.

In my December children's market column at Authorlink.com, Krech tells me about penning this novel and the pair forthcoming from Dutton, the esteem-building effect of winning some very cool literary awards, how he's conquered show-don't-tell and dialogue, plus much, much more. Be sure to check it out, and drop by his great website, as well!