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Mar.16.2014 - 8:34 am
Just do it!
Apparently, 500 words is too much to ask of myself. I am not proud of this. In an effort to write everyday, I am not setting a limit on word count. I’ll take what I can get from...
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Feb.14.2014 - 12:02 pm
Valentine Clown
So what am I doing now that I have sworn off poetic challenges? Well, I am trying to do the same old thing, only better. I continue to write my small verses, seeking out prompts...
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Feb.08.2014 - 10:01 pm
You know what? I think this will be the last challenge that I partake in. That includes April's poem a day. I just don't enjoy them anymore. In fact, this will be my last...
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Feb.07.2014 - 9:04 pm
prompt: box   it will hold my memories          Vuitton trunk   NaHaiWriMo
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Comments from Susan

Mar.17.2014 - 9:36 am
In response to: Word Count, Schmyrd Count
My self-discipline is pretty much none existent.
Feb.09.2014 - 8:56 am
In response to: NaHaiWriMo: February 8, 2014
I anticipate the temptation, too. :)
Feb.06.2014 - 4:15 pm
In response to: NaHaiWriMo: February 6, 2014
Thank you! :)
Feb.06.2014 - 4:14 pm
In response to: NaHaiWriMo: February 5, 2014
Thank you, Nan. :)
Feb.04.2014 - 8:22 pm
In response to: NaHaiWriMo: February 2, 2014
I completely understand. :) My parents' divorce was pretty nasty and we were pulled onto separate sides.