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Susan Schott Karr's Books

Tessellations Everywhere
In this middle-grade nonfiction account, we explore the mathematical nature of tessellations.
The United States Government
A Modern Curriculum Press imprint, this selection gives an overview of the various branches of the United States government.
Life in Ancient Egypt
From the food they ate to the clothes they wore, Egyptian children lived a unique life in an ancient time. This Modern Curriculum Press edition explores the culture and social history of Egyptian life along the Nile. Susan Schott Karr takes a look at the toys children played with, the food they ate, and the way they learned to work.   
Simple Machines
  Beginning with the basics, Susan Schott Karr describes the six basic kinds of simple machines. Three kinds of levers, inclined planes, the wedge, screw, wheel and axel, and pulley are all examined, and examples of each are described and illustrated. Karr also explains how to calculate the advantage of using simple machines.  
Surveys We Can Count On
A language arts guided reading literacy book, this title is part of the iOpeners reading series and is appropriate for grade five readers. Each chapter takes a close look at a different type of survey, from Nielsen television ratings to election polling surveys. 
Sports on the Edge
In the first half of this book, "Extreme Sports," Karr takes a look at some of the most adventuresome sports on the planet. From BMX freestyling to big wave surfing, readers get a look at what it takes to brave the elements. We meet some of the stars: worldclass skateboarders, Tony Hawk and Shaun White, and Olympic snowbaorder, Kelly Clark, who show what it takes to get big air.
Food for Thought
Food for Thought  explores the origins of origins of a number of foods including pasta, cheese, peanuts, popcorn, potatoes, and chocolate. This book is used exclusively in the classroom to motivate young readers to find reading interesting, and it is intended specifically for children reading at a fifth-grade level.
Animal Tricks and Treks
In Animal Class, the second half of the book, Susan Schott Karr takes a look at the nature of animal training. From camels carrying people to elephants lugging logs, various species are capable of some incredible things. Horses learn to dance, while killer whales train to put on shows. Dogs have come to the rescue in avalanches, led the blind, and performed in the movies.
Scream Macines: All About Roller Coasters
This book is part of the Pearson Learning Group Book Treks Guided Reading program designed specifially for the junior grades. It is a science book geared toward sixth graders. It explores how roller coasters work, their history, design, and safety factors, as well as the "best" roller coasters and the thrill of the ride. Photographs are by Paul L.Ruben.