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THIS SUNDAY @ 3:00 PM - It's a Long Walk to Publication! - The Alchemist's Kitchen - Book Launch at Open Books: A Poem Emporium
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The Alchemist's Kitchen

Two years. Two years since I sent my manuscript to White Pine Press and Dennis Maloney said he would consider it. Another six months or so until he wrote to say, "Yes"!

In two days, The Alchemist's Kitchen, will be launched at 3:00 PM, Sunday @ Open Books in Seattle. Your presence is requested. Can you come? I just finished shopping for the after party because this is a celebration. Part birthday, part wedding; part graduation ceremony; part bon voyage event. A book launch is a chance to thank all the people that helped to bring this book into the world. It's also a way to provide a good send-off. I've slaved over this book -- every comma and every indented line. Now I need to let it fly into the world - hopefully to find a few kind readers. Maybe you...

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Did the months of anticipation make the Kitchen experience that much sweeter?