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Mel Allen broke my heart.  Okay, that’s not quite accurate. Mel Allen doesn’t even know me. What broke my heart is that I came this close to meeting him and hearing him speak. I was at a writing conference and as I was waiting for a seminar to begin, I leafed through the program for more...
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I’m not much on remembering the death dates of loved ones. I think about those I love at odd moments and really don’t want to remember specifically, the day I lost them. Some loses come on days that are known for another reason, though, like Christmas or Thanksgiving, or someone’s birthday, and...
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I can’t discuss the merits of other organization’s conferences, but I’ve been to several presented by the Cat Writers’ Association, and I can say that they have all been, well, the cat’s meow. Full disclosure: I’ve been both treasurer and president of CWA so there may be some bias in my opinion,...
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A friend of mine is dying.  I suppose I should say acquaintance, because I see her only occasionally and never for very long. We've never had the long, heart-to-heart talks that are frequently a feature of friendship.  Still, I want to think of her as a friend. She is bright, funny, a...
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In spite of my age, I’m not against technological advances. I love my computer, use email more than snail mail, have joined Facebook, and I even Tweet. Still, I’m old enough to appreciate face-to-face conversations over texting. Our cell phone (yes we only have one) is rarely ever turned on.  ...
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