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Susan Henderson's LitPark

LitPark is a literary playground for writers, artists, and anyone who feels at home in it. My hope is that the topics and the community will offer inspiration, support, a place to vent and gain helpful tips about the business.

Every first Monday of the month, I ask a question that relates to the business of writing, however loosely. Every first Wednesday of the month, I feature a guest. And every first Friday of the month, I give a wrap up of what's been discussed.

Guests of LitPark include bestselling authors Neil Gaiman, Lemony Snicket, and Kate Gale; The New Yorker cover artist, Peter de Seve; musicians David Habbin, Blackmore's Night, and School of Rock's Paul Green. But LitPark is mostly about the community of writers, readers and artists and what they have to say in the comments section. Stop by and introduce yourself!