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Sep.24.2011 - 8:31 am
       The man rode his horse through the alpine meadow in the early morning.  The sun was just beginning to break over the peaks and his horse’s...
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Sep.18.2011 - 9:46 pm
  This could be difficult for a lot of people, for me the defining moment in my life was easy:  You have cancer, the prognosis is one to five years due to the aggressive...
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Dec.20.2009 - 7:16 pm
When I was young I loved animals and being outside.  At one time I wanted to have a menagerie.  We had a typical sixties household, my father worked and my mother stayed at home...
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Comments from Susan

Sep.24.2011 - 8:36 am
In response to: A Mountain Ride
My goal is to take you there.   To see it, smell it, and feel it.  This is my first  blog on the...
Dec.20.2009 - 6:14 pm
In response to: The Promise
Ruth, I was thinking about what I would write in my blog (my first one ever here) and I thought I would read yours just...