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I currently live in Los Angeles
I have a wonderful husband who provides a lot of material for my family humor.
Feb 2012

Born in Cuba and raised with an extended family where grandparents lived in the same house with us, I very much value family a lively household. Much of my inspiration for writing children's books comes from my family. I find so much humor in every day life and each day provides enough material for 100 books... If I only had the time to write them all! I started writing children's picture book about 3 years ago and am totally in love with this process. Having a musical theater background and being a composer and lyricist I founded Booksicals in 2009. Booksicals encourages a love of reading through the performing arts. This combines my passion for music and theater with my love of children's books and the Booksicals concept gets kids reading, dancing, singing and interacting on many levels with a book.    Too Many Visitors was my first children's book based on the summer that 26 visitors came to stay at our new house in Beverly Hills.  To preview the Too Many Visitors Musical Video and the Snoozle Dance Video for kids visit://www.booksicals.com and click on preview musical and Dance Video.

The sequel to Too Many Visitors, Mr. Snoozle's Exquisite Eggs, with illustrations by Veronica Walsh. tells the story of Wags the new dog and the crabby neighbor Mr. Snoozle who have a funny adventure preparing the eggs for the family's upcoming the Passover seder.. I am currently also working on a new picture book, with illustrator Kent Yoshimura called Wobegon and Mildred which is soon to be released. Wobegon and Mildred is a quirky love story/friendship story between 2 monsters who are parking ticket givers. Nobody likes them because they make everyone miserable by giving out parking tickests. Wobegon and Mildred soon find kindred spirits in each other and discover that there is someone out there for everyone.

To contact me for an Author event or Booksicals event you can reach me at susanchodak@booksicals.com

I learn a lot from other writers and love to hear about other writer's creative process as well as get inspiration from other writers. I'd like to join Red Room to  support and be supported by others in the writing community.  

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I love choral music, classical music, and playing piano. My husband just got me a flute for valentine's day. I've wanted to learn flute since I am in 3rd grade. So look out world... here I come.... I also love to read good books, see great theater and especially musical theater.
My favorite vacations are vacations where there is a lot of sight seeing and new things to learn.