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Grandma is now Babysitting!
Landen at 8 months

Being a grandmother is neat. Now I am watching my grandson, Landen, three days a week while my daughter-in-law works. At first I thought, "piece of cake," after all I raised my son. But how quickly we forget all of the work it takes to strap a nine-month-old in to the car seat, then set up the stroller, take him out and strap him into the stroller. Then back into the car seat, fold up and load the stroller and do it all again when we get home.  Of course usually by the time I get where I am going, he falls asleep in the car seat.  I cannot seem to recall how many times a day I had to change my son's diapers, but it seems I am either feeding my grandson or changing him.  He is a good baby though, and most of the time he laughs when he looks at me. As I sit at my computer trying to write, he watches me from his playpen. Needless to say I am not getting much work done these days. Add the two dogs, the cat and two birds to this mix. And of course they all have to be with me in my office.  Landen cannot figure out what grandma does when she hits the thing on her desk.  Often as I am typing, he sits and hits his hands on a toy. What a funny boy he is.

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What a sweet photo!

Thanks for giving us a little window into your world, Susan.

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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Glad you like it

Dear Huntington,

Thank you. I do not blog often due to my work load and now babysitting, but I am going to try to more often.