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Pets of Holocaust victims
As a long time published author with another new book coming out in July about the pets of Holocaust victims, I often write for free. I write short articles for specific club magazines, free community newsletters and sometimes for someone's web page. I limit how much I write for free, both in the...
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              Well you guys sure have some tales to tell, but I have a real doozie.  Al and I were running interstate last year, and had just parked the trailer at the Mississippi terminal. When Al checked in, the boss told him that the trailer we were to haul was loaded and ready to go but there...
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          I hate the automatic checkout scanners at the supermarket. Being a senior citizen, I have seen a lot of change in the world, but this is one change I can do without. They are rude and insensitive. Why, just today I was forced to an automated scanner. I had a few items to check out and the...
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"Brat" so named for his pranks!
The Mystery of Winter             As I walked through the woods, kicking up the soft powder with each step, I inhaled the frigid air that seemed to crackle like ice on a lake. About two dozen teams of huskies were staked out on their stake-out chains, anxious to have their run. This was their...
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Pluskat playing in the snow
   Winter is a very peaceful time for me. The activities of the summer are over and winter brings more indoor things to do. It is easier to sleep in on weekends, it is a good time to work on projects such as sewing, reading, and writing.  It is a time to eat winter food, such as stews, soups, and...
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God's Creatures: A Biblical View of Animals
Hi Everyone, I am asking if there is anyone who has the ability to get a book review published and is interested in writing a review about my latest book to contact me at sbulanda@gmail.com. The book is God's Creatures: A Biblical View of Animals. This book compares the latest research about...
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Landen at 8 months
Being a grandmother is neat. Now I am watching my grandson, Landen, three days a week while my daughter-in-law works. At first I thought, "piece of cake," after all I raised my son. But how quickly we forget all of the work it takes to strap a nine-month-old in to the car seat, then set...
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Hi All, I thought that since this is a writers site some of you may be interested in an opportunity to help erect a memorial to Albert Payson Terhune and his Collies at Sunnybank, his home in Pompton Lakes, NJ. I have copied the email I received about this project. I grew up collecting and...
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I wanted to share a very upsetting experience I had submitting a query letter to River's Bend Press in MN. I sent them a query about a book that I have written exploring a - yet to be reported aspect - of the Holocaust. I received my letter back with 'LOL' written in black bold marker across the...
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My son after he graduated boot camp
This is my first attempt at writing a blog. My good friend Darlene Arden keeps telling me that I have to learn to do this sort of stuff. I am old school and not into all of the new technology, so here it goes. Within the next month I will become a first-time grandmother. It reminds me of when my...
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