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Some Good Writing News

Garrison Keillor selected a poem from my book, Buddha's Dogs, for his Writer's Almanac website--


Wednesday, December 30th.  You can also hear him read it on KALW at 9 a.m.

I was thrilled and wanted to pass along the news.

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Congrats! Now if they do A


Now if they do A Prairie Home Companion - The Movie II, and they need a poet to fill out the roster . . . (and you'll note I didn't spell it rooster).

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Hi Dale


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I knew when you said

you were putting on that red beret, things would happen. (I used to have one!)

Delighted by your news. Great stuff!

Better keep wearing the beret:)

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Hello Rosy

Is that it? I'm putting on my hat right now.

Happy new 2010 to you.

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Hi Matthew