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YOU Speak Spanish?

Today I had some fun at the gas station.  I went inside to pay for the gas and found the Indian woman behind the counter having trouble trying to communicate with the Hispanic man on my side of it.  She was asking him if he understood whatever it was she had been saying; he just smiled weakly and shook his head. 

I asked her if she needed help with Spanish and she asked, "YOU speak Spanish?"  Clear disbelief was all over her face.

I smiled and nodded, so she told me that the man was going to help her with a move and she needed to tell him when.

So, I talked to him, confirmed that he was going to help with a move--he was.  I asked him if he had the address--he didn't.  I translated that the move was to be at 8am on Thursday, but that he should come back to the gas station at ten that night so the woman could show him where the house was.

Then I paid for my gas and left, laughing inside at the "YOU speak Spanish?!?"

You never can tell.


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Really!? You never can tell. :)
Makes you wonder how they ever got to the point where she asked him to help her move? Can't help but imagine the boxes with pots and pans ending up in the bedroom.

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It reminded me of when my

It reminded me of when my beautiful brown-skinned KidOne would surprise people by speaking equally beautiful English. And yes, I sure wondered how she got so far as to have him lined up to do the heavy lifting. I did so love the look on her face while I was talking to the man--if I didn't squash that particular preconception, at least I dented it a little!