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Why Not Exchange Housing for Care?

Does anyone out there know anyone in the East Bay or North Bay who would want to exchange housing for two (KidThree and me) in exchange for caregiving?  Anywhere from Santa Rosa down to the Golden Gate, Contra Costa County, or the Tri-Valley?  Oakland and San Francisco not okay, Berkeley maybe.  Got an elderly parent?  Disabled friend tired of looking for caregivers?  Someone who is house-rich and cash poor but wants to stay in their home?  I've been posting on craigslist and answering ads but all to a deafening silence.  It's too bad--some of the ads look like folks who would be lucky to get me to provide their care.

Feel free to pass along my contact information to anyone who might be interested in such a deal, or who might know anyone who might be interested in such a deal.  Heck, you could staple an ad to a telephone pole for me.

Actually, it's not that bad, we can certainly stay where we are for a while, I'm just puzzled and annoyed by the deafening silence to my ads and the responses I'm sending to other ads.  I can't tell if it is a space issue (that I want two bedrooms) or just that I want to drag a grown but disabled kid along or that I'm too anomalous an applicant for the advertised jobs, or just something I'm doing wrong.  Who knows.  I sure thought it was a good idea.  No muss, no fuss, save money, get terrific care, everyone wins.

Blast this stupid recession.  Where's MY stimulus package?


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I hear you, sister...

I'll pass on your blog to my friends in CoCo county. Hey if you lived here, we'd be neighbors! Sweet!

Jennifer Gibbons, Red Room

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I am puzzled too.

Susan--I thought this was such a good idea. Don't know why it has not yet worked out. Maybe it still will. Living in Southern Illinois, I can't tack this on any California telephone poles, but I did forward it to the few Californians that I have contact with. Best wishes as you struggle.

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My guess is the grown & disabled kid.

I'd imagine people feel that you having Three along would distract your attention from them, or she could get in their way, etcetera. The two rooms is probably also part of it, how many people do we know with two spare rooms? But keep looking. Try sending followup emails a couple days after initial email to some of the people you think would really mesh with you? Sometimes people put postings on Craigslist, brush off some of the first few replies, don't find anything else satisfactory, and think it's too late to respond to earlier emails.