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What's in a Name

I've written before about names, how I don't think it's worth continuing to carry one that makes people raise their eyebrows or giggle outright, and Congressman Weiner's resignation bears that out.  

He had to resign not for being an idiot, or for being digitally unfaithful, but for being named Weiner.  If his name had been Smith, he could have ridden out the storm, but as a Weiner, there was no way.  It was too perfect a joke.  His sexting was stupid and made him look bad, but it was his name that made him a punchline and thus rendered him useless.  People can recover from stupidity, can come back from scandal, but they can't recover from laughter.  Laughter punctures in a way that can never be mended.

His idiocy just increased the laughter.  Couldn't you just see it?  If he tried to stay in congress?  Every time he took the floor to make a statement, everyone in the room would have the same thought thread running through their mind, "but can you say that with certitude, Congressman?"

I read one article that bemoaned the fact that the women weren't pilloried the way Congressman Weiner was.  Again, it was because of the name.  If one of the women had been named Hooker, or Ho, they would have been right up there in the comedians' monologues with him.

Family pride isn't worth it.  History isn't worth it.  We are what we make ourselves, and if I had one of those names, I'd make myself a new one.