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Tuesday Miscellany

Odds and ends that have been floating around my mind:

Our apartment complex doesn't recycle.  After years and years of carefully sorting my trash, starting back thirty years ago in Japan, I couldn't go back to tossing everything in the dumpster.  So, every eight days when I pack the car to head to San Francisco, I take our recycling with me to put in the big bin there.  And since the garbage can there isn't nearly large enough to hold the refuse from six people, when I pack the car in San Francisco to head home again, I put in several bags of trash to put in the dumpsters here.  (And this is why the back of my car is lined with rubber-backed bathmats.)

Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon have split.  Drat; I always thought they were a good couple.  At least they've continued to do things in a classy way--just the announcement that they split over the summer and that no further announcement would be made.  Why does it matter to me?  Because Tim Robbins has been my celebrity crush for years.  Seriously.

KidOne came down to San Francisco yesterday evening to spend the night with the kids and me.  It's lovely to have her here, and to see her interact with the little ones.  She'll watch BoyThree and GirlFour while I take BoyTwo to the dentist and GirlOne to her friend's house.  KidOne is on winter break from school, so I'm trying to get in all the visiting I can--I don't ever get to see enough of her.

KidTwo has been thinking about joining the military.  Not surprising, given that I spend twelve years in the Navy and her daddy is a retired Special Forces officer and her boyfriend is a Marine guard on embassy duty, but I still wasn't happy when she wanted to join the army.  Too many guns.  But, I understood her thinking and backed her on the decision, trying to give her all the advice I could and all the examples of successes and failures that her daddy and I experienced while on active duty, the better to help her have a successful tour of duty.  It turned out that she couldn't take the enlistment physical until twelve months after her Lasik surgery, so she has to wait until March.  In this interim, after discovering that it would be very difficult for the Army to station her near her Marine boyfriend, she decided to turn her sights to the Navy.  Picture me ecstatic!  Fewer guns, but the guns there are are so much bigger, and the chow hall and showers are taken everywhere the sailors go.

Questions I need answers to:

Why, when so much of the bread commercially sold in is in the rectangular loaves instead of the old square loaves, do Tupperware and Rubbermaid continue to make all their sandwich containers in the square shape?  Why are there no containers sized for the standard rectangular loaves?

Why, when most butter is in the shorter, fatter cubes, are all the butter dishes I find sized for the long, skinny cubes?  Has no one in the butter dish industry noticed that most cubes are not that shape anymore? 

Who are the Kardashian sisters and why does anyone outside their family and friends care?  Who put them on televison and WHY?