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The Work Ran Out

Today I got to work at eight in the morning and at 9:11a.m., precisely, was finished.  There was no more work for me to do.  None.  Nothing to print out, nothing to mail, nothing to organize or to file or to take out to the recycling.  All the current work was done, those six bins I found in the file room were all emptied with their contents duly sorted and processed, our supply room looks like whoever put it all together should get medical help for OCD, and the recycling and trash were taken out.

I fiddled around for a bit, searching the internet and looking at things on eBay and even making a bid on something, then I gave up and went home.  At 10:15a.m.  Leaving DogMommy to hold down the fort, as CrankyWoman was gone for the day and FearlessLeader hadn't come in.

I had had different plans for the day.  I blogged before about getting that a from the Human Relations person back east about her receiving a dunning notice to attach my check and how I sent her an email telling her I didn't mind in the least and wasn't at all embarrassed, and giving her a one-paragraph history of what happened with KidThree to cause our financial troubles.  Also in that email (as during the phone call she had asked how I was liking things), I wrote that I was woefully underutilized and didn't like the work hours (ten to two).  That had been two weeks ago and I hadn't gotten any response at all, which seemed a little odd and added to my conviction that I shouldn't make long-term plans based on that job but instead should continue job-hunting, which I've done.

Yesterday, though, she finally sent a response to that email.  She was very nice, thanking me for telling her about my home situation and asking if she could share my email with the man out on this coast who is in charge of Human Relations out here, this to see about getting me some more work.  Of course I said that was fine.

Then I had fun, up there in my head, running dialogues about what I'd like to tell the man on this coast who is in charge of Human Relations out here.  I wanted to talk politely but frankly with him, telling him about what I'd observed in the two months and a bit that I've been working there.  I wanted to tell him ways I'd found to save supplies and money, suggestions to improve customer service and reduce the number of angry customers, things like that.  I wanted to tell him that for the past two to three weeks, I've been finding myself work to do because there was not enough work involved in my assigned tasks and those I was working with (for?) didn't appear to want to turn me loose on any other tasks because (I think) I might do them better.

But he didn't come in, so there were no conversations, frank but polite.  And after I'd played on the internet for an hour and made my bid on eBay (my maximum bid was $5.68), I gave up and went home and went back to bed.

Thank goodness I have a job interview on Sunday (tentative but probable) and have received emails about two other jobs, asking if I was interested in them.  (I'm interested in both, but would prefer the Sunday-interview one.)  One of them asked me to email if the interview Sunday was unsatisfactory so I could learn more about the job they had to offer.