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The Job Hunt Continues.

No call last week from that part-time admin job.  Too bad for that company--they don't know what they'll be missing.  On the other hand, I did get responses to my ads about exchanging housing for caregiving.  The man and woman who each contacted me about their brother did turn out to be siblings writing about their mutual brother; I've since talked to the disabled man's ex- a couple of days ago.  Their situation is still in the very early days, so that's on the back burner for now, although the care I could provide for that man is just what he's going to need.  (It would be interesting to see what the man himself thinks about my offer.)

I got another response from someone way out of the area, to which I sent back a friendly email explaining that and giving a couple of suggestions, and a third about an older man whose health is failing a bit and who is having to live with relatives right now as he can't quite manage on his own.  I talked to his niece, who sounded lovely, and will see if anything comes of that.

In the meantime, I scan craigslist every day, looking for anything that sounds even remotely possible.  KidThree and I just don't get enough money in our combined checks (her SSI and my IHSS) to continue to live independently.  Not if we insist on eating, anyway, and we are in the habit of doing that regularly.  I wonder how many other families are looking into things like shared housing?  I've not seen anything in the papers about this sort of thing, at least not between non-related people, and would love to know if more people are turning to it as a solution to the current hard times.  Maybe I can contact our friend the reporter who did the article on KidThree, to ask him if some of his co-workers at the paper would look into a story on this sort of thing.  (Of course, that's if he has any co-workers left, and if he has a job himself, as our regional paper just laid off a bunch of people.)

(We could live with my mother, easily, but not with my father.  That poor man is still trying to raise me right.  That can make visiting difficult sometimes but would make daily living intolerable.  I'm forty-seven, he's stuck with the person I am, but he is a never-say-die sort of guy and so continues on his fruitless quest to get me where he thinks I should be.  Sisyphus with his rock had it easy compared to Dad and his quest to reform yours truly.)

My computer day starts like this: First a check of my hotmail account, which is what I usually use for business but which for someone reason is the one that KidTwo's computer will allow her to access.  Got to check on my out-of-the-area girlie first thing, every day.  (There hasn't been an email for several days.  KidTwo, WRITE TO YOUR MOTHER.)  Then it's over to my gmail, where I have my personal account and craigslist account, to check on things with my parents and siblings and to see if there have been any responses to any ads I've posted.  Then over to KidTwo's livejournal, again to see what is up in her life.  (There hasn't been an entry for several days.  KidTwo, WRITE FOR YOUR MOTHER.)  And then over here to Red Room, where I can check in with my pen pals.  Coming over to Red Room feels like going to the village well to get the water for the day--it's a chance to visit with people I can only see then, to hear how their days have gone and to pass along my news in return.  (KidTwo, PASS ALONG YOUR NEWS FOR YOUR MOTHER.)

Then, personal things done, it's over to craigslist to look at every ad that even might be suitable.  I'll be heading over there in a minute, just as soon as I get my second cup of coffee made.

A note on Grandma's funeral: Everything appeared to go well with the semi-estranged relatives.  Mom sent out a good description of everything, and later today my sister will send out her synopsis, which will include pictures.  Dad apparently did just fine, thank goodness.  Much better for him to be on good terms with his siblings.  And you know what?  I wrote about not having pursued a relationship with my grandma, as I let my insecurities get in the way, but I'm not going to continue in that same respect with my uncle and his wife.  No, let that read "with my uncle and aunt."  I'm going to contact them and go for a visit. 

Now off to make my second cup of coffee and then off to craigslist.  Be careful, all of you, heading home with your water, those jugs are heavy.