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Thank Goodness for Librarians.

Uh oh.  This morning I logged onto hotmail first thing, as that is the email address KidTwo uses to talk to me.  There was an email from her that contained a comment someone had sent her on myspace; the comment read, "I hope I've got the right Jane Doe.  Um, my mom works as a librarian in Davis, CA, and in one of the donation boxes she found a couple of photo albums and your baby book."  Uh oh!  How on earth did I miss those?  Did I pick up one of the wrong boxes?  Aaauughhh!  Bad Mom strikes again.  KidTwo continued in her own words, "could you go retrieve my memories?"  Thank goodness for librarians.  And understanding daughters--there was no rancor, no frustration, not even a hint of annoyance in her 'voice.'  This sort of thing has happened to me before: one day I got a call from one of our local librarians, who said, "Mrs. Brown, we've got your marriage license here at the library--it'll be waiting for you at the front desk;" and another day, "Mrs. Brown, we've got your driver's license here at the library--it'll be waiting for you at the front desk." 

At least I know I'm not the only one.  Over the years, I've found all sorts of slips of paper in books, postcards, birthday cards, receipts, anything someone could use as a bookmark.  One time I found a paystub from a local RN in a library book; it showed quite a nice income, especially as there was overtime.  KidOne is aiming for her BSN so, after blacking out the nurse's name and social security number, I showed her the paystub.  She was suitably impressed, which was my aim.  Incentive is a good thing, and every bit helps.

Yesterday we all survived the first day with the twins.  The twins are fraternal girls, BabyOne and BabyTwo.  They are four months old but since they were two months premature, their adjusted age is only two months.  I had been worried that I would have trouble telling them apart, as the other times I've seen them I couldnt see much difference in their little faces, but yesterday after about twenty minutes I knew right away who was who.  Thank goodness.  I had had visions of handing them back to their mother, giving the wrong synopsis about the wrong baby's day.

It all went well.  Their mother arrived a little earlier than what will be our usual start time so she could give me supplies and explain their day, then I was on my own.  Not for long, though, as I promptly woke up KidThree to tell her the babies were here and she happily got up and came out to be with us.  The first few minutes she was holding one of the girls, her actions were a little hesitant, but after a bit she got comfortable with that little tiny person and was having a good time with her.

It only took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to pick up both babies at once and oh my did that feel good.  Sitting in my rocker, holding twenty or so pounds of miniature humanity, I could feel my stress and tensions melting away.  BabyOne seems to be more even-tempered than her sister: she ate in a business-like fashion, laughed happily when played with, and other times lay watching us with bright eyes that took everything in.  BabyTwo was fussier.  She drank noisily, almost as if she thought we would pull away the bottle before she was finished if she didn't suck fast enough, fussed when not being held, and fought sleep with every fiber of her itty bitty self.  I hope she is able to relax after a few days with us.

Both babies did holler their heads off when having to delay lunch to take KidThree to school.  It had only been a little more than three hours since their morning bottles, but they wanted lunch early and vociferously protested the delay.  KidThree got rattled by their crying as she got into the car (I had put the babies in first). I told her to relax, that we were designed that way, that if we didn't find that crying horrible and agitating there would be something wrong with us.  And then of course when we pulled out of the driveway, the babies quieted down.

KidOne came by in the afternoon to pick up mice (she keeps her frozen mouse supply in my upright freezer).  She stayed to help me get the couch into the house (this is the couch for which I swapped two bookcases) and then helped me get one of the recliners into my bedroom.  Those were jobs I had been unable to do on my own, as they needed a person on each end of the furniture.  She then stayed for the fun of holding a baby and visiting with KidThree and me.  We were all in such good moods from holding the babies; it made for an especially nice visit.  

KidOne was still over when the babies' mama came to pick them up, so I was able to introduce them.  That was handy, as KidOne will be my back-up with the babies when things come up with the trial.  We've decided that instead of attending court with us, KidOne will stay home with the babies.  I do have permission from the parents to take the babies hither and yon with us, as that was the only way I could agree to keep them full-time, but it would not be a good thing to try to take them to court.  The thought of trying to provide love and support to a frightened, stressed-out KidThree while also caring for two infants was mind-boggling.

Our assistant district attorney called yesterday.  They won't be ready to have Kidthree testify today, so she'll probably go over the next two days.  Those will be busy days, as KidThree has doctor appointments, one tomorrow afternoon and another Thursday morning.  KidOne will stay with the babies those entire days so I don't have to go get them in between court appearances and the appointments.

And now my news about online dating: I actually got an email!  Since this was the first uninitiated email I've gotten since signing up however long ago (six weeks?), of course I asked the man what was wrong with him.  It will be interesting to see his reply.  He didn't have a photo of himself up and didn't give a 'body type' and didn't answer a couple of other questions, so my best guess is that he really does have something he doesn't want to show up front.  It could just be that he doesn't know how to put photos online, but then it seems like he wouldn't have left other questions unanswered.

The lack of responses to my ad has been a bit disconcerting.  I've always known I wasn't particularly pretty, and as I've aged I've gotten comfortable with the knowledge that I've gotten plainer and gained a few pounds, but I never thought I was outright ugly or repulsive.  Still, I don't know why else the lack of response. No matter how many times I look at my ad, it just doesn't seem off-putting or weird to me.  I don't know if the lack of response is common or if it's just me.  Given my usual paranoiac bent, I've been thinking it's me.  It could also be that one of the two photos KidThree helped me upload has her in it and the men are all bigots, but it doesn't seem possible that every man out there is a bigot.  As it is, I had decided that online dating wasn't for me and that I would just keep plugging along on my own, hoping maybe to meet someone in person who wouldn't mind the plain, 'fluffy' exterior wrapping up my scintillating self.  

Today I get to go to IKEA and get the shallow bookcases that'll go in my room to hold all my paperbacks.  That will be a huge step towards getting finished in there.  I'll also be able to get a filing cabinet.  I have to get one of those at IKEA instead of the local office supply store because only the IKEA ones are shallow enough to fit in the closet, which is where I'll have to keep it.  I'd love to be able to get the twin bedframe to put in the living room (after moving the full-size bed into my room), but won't be able to swing that this month.  November will be soon enough for that.  At least I'll have my books and papers organized.

Now off to the laundry room to move things among the various machines.  I just did twelve loads a week ago, but somehow there were eight loads again by this morning.