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KidTwo Is Sleeping Twenty Feet Away

I keep going to the doorway of that bedroom to see her sleeping form on the floor of KidThree's room.  It feels so good to see her there.

Yesterday KidThree and I got to the airport a little late but KidTwo's flight was that same little bit late, so she was coming out of the terminal just as we were driving up.  I didn't see her, as I was concentrating on looking for arrival/departure information, but KidThree did and got her window down in time to catch my attention so I could turn around and see KidTwo approaching behind me.

Hugs!  Big Hugs!!  Huge Hugs!!!

Then the fun of disassembling the wheelchair in order to get KidTwo's incredibly enormous bag and slightly more believably enormous bag and several little bitty bags into the car along with the various components of the wheelchair.  My car is very small and the bags were very big and the wheelchair just doesn't collapse beyond a certain point, so we attracted the attention of an airport security person, who stood by and watched the show.  After KidTwo and I got everything pulled and tugged so that the car's hatch would close and all was inside, he grinned and told me it was obvious I'd done that before.  I told him to never underestimate my little bitty car, then we drove away, friendly waves all the way around.

KidTwo wanted to go to our favorite Chinese restaurant, but KidThree was nowhere near ready to be allowed out in public, so we stopped at KidOne's store so KidTwo could say hello before becoming quarantined with KidThree, then we drove home and KidTwo rounded up a friend to go to said restaurant with her.  She arrived back home a couple of hours later, having stopped to surprise a close friend and to pick up some ice cream--she said the ice cream in Bogota tasted like chalk.

After sitting up for another hour or so and enjoying a cuddle with KidTwo on my lap (no matter that she's almost as tall as I am, she's still and forever my baby!), I went to bed so KidTwo and KidThree could enjoy some private time.  Now it's morning, there's laundry separated into its different loads all waiting to be done, and I need more coffee.  

On the way to the stove to boil my water, I think I'll peek in that bedroom again.  Just to make sure.


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Welcome home, Kid Two!

We are glad you are back.