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Job Interview!

This morning at 11:00.  Fingers crossed.  I do so hope I get this job, but I'm not the only one who made it to the in-person interview stage and so am not counting my chickens just yet.  If it doesn't come through, we'll manage somehow.

Yesterday I got a packet of information in the mail about affordable and accessible housing in the Tri-Valley (Livermore, Pleasanton, and Dublin), so tomorrow KidThree and I will take a field trip to the area to look at the different apartment complexes and see which ones look like they might work for us.  We qualify for all but the one complex set aside for the very lowest of incomes (under 30% of the median for the area); our income is about 35-40% of the area median.  (It's all okay--at least we HAVE income.)

Time to go make myself shiny and sparkly for the interview.


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My fingers are SO Crossed..

so are my toes, my ankles, everything...

I think it would be great if you moved to Pleasanton/Dublin-they have a BART line so KidThree can use public transit, so can you.

Jennifer Gibbons, Red Room

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Livermore is my hometown,

Livermore is my hometown, and since I grew up there and my parents have been in the same house for 49 years this month, I know Pleasanton and Dublin almost as well. It will definitely be a coming home, not a moving to somewhere unknown. Even KidThree is used to the area a little, from trips to the grandparents' house over the past several years. And it's flat! My cousins who grew up in a house stuck on stilts on the side of a hill in Belmont used to love to ride bikes at our house because of the utter flatness of Livermore. Susan

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We are all hoping...

Hope you get the job. But I love your attitude that whatever happens will be okay--because you will make it!!! I know you will. You and KidThree are tough stuff.

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They had over three hundred

They had over three hundred applicants--what a reflection on how bad things are. I did remember to send a polite thank you email to the woman in human resources who set up my interview. I just don't know if I made it clear to them that I am the answer to all their admin prayers. Susan