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It Never Fails. . . .

No matter how often I think things are going to get financially on an even keel, something comes up.  It's as if Fate has a stack of zingers with my name on them and when I get too close to actual solvency (defined as all bills paid, a kitchen full of groceries, and still something monetary and foldable in my wallet), she pulls out one of the zingers and lobs it my way.  Yesterday I had a lovely time at IKEA, buying the bookcases and a file cabinet and bringing them home, then KidOne brought me her cat so I could take him to the vet for her (she had to work).  This cat is the sweetest, most even-tempered kitty on the planet: once when we took him to the vet school hospital here in town, the vet went out in the hall to snag passing students and bring them in for a spur-of-the-moment tutorial on examining cats, as this one was so willing to hang there like a rag doll and let strangers palpate him for an hour.  But, this cat is also the one who has had some health issues for years.  He has a kidney problem that requires special food and has irritable bowel syndrome, which necessitates prednisone shots periodically. 

Yesterday he also had an enlarged thyroid, which will require a blood test that we can't afford right now, and he had picked up ringworm from his stay in a kitty foster home.  (He had been in the foster home from the time KidOne joined us here in March until she moved to her new rental in early September, as we could not have him here.)  The visit ended up being roughly twice what was budgeted.  Oh well.  KidOne loves her kitty and I love KidOne, so what else could I do?  It almost makes me wish I hadn't bought the file cabinet, but not enough for me to pack that up and take it back.  Somehow we'll manage.

KidTwo called to say she had arrived safely at her daddy's new home in Colombia.  No time for details on that call as I was with the vet right then, but time enough for that later.

Now off to the laundry room to put today's three loads in the dryers, then to the drugstore to buy some much needed supplies before the babies come.