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I'll Be Offline For A While.

I'm at the library now as our internet connection at home is down.  Nothing wrong with the equipment, just no money to pay the bill for the past several months and they finally got tired of waiting.  On the plus side, we're paid to date with PG&E and the cell phones, both of which are more important to our overall well-being.  The car is registered and insured and has gas in it, and I'm paying this month's rent this month.

I have to admit, the economic news scares me silly.  The past several days, all I've seen in the paper is that the state is going to run out of money, and soon.  That means no money for KidThree and me.  We are living off of her SSI/SSP, most of which is federal but a quarter of which is state, and the In-Home Support Services I get for caring for her (which doesn't begin to cover the amount of time I actually spend caring for her).  The thought of not being sure that the paychecks will show up, or that the SSI check will be the right amount, is terrifying.  KidThree still needs too much time and care for me to be able to go looking for work (yesterday something else broke on her wheelchair--it took me two hours and two trips to the hardware store to fix it); and even if I could go looking for work, it doesn't appear to be had.  The program director for my little Saturday job at the Senior Center here in town is leaving that position; THIRTY PEOPLE applied to replace her.  This for a little job, maybe twenty hours a month for the director.  One applicant was a psychologist with a master's in geriatrics, and SHE was looking for work.  That is how bad it is out there.

It is scary, to be sure.  I hope Barack Obama understands how those of us down at the poverty level are counting on him to get things going in the other direction.  As for KidThree and me, we'll get through somehow.  We don't need internet at home, as there is always the library for me and she gets it on her cell phone; we don't actually need cable--without it we can't watch tv at all, but we have movies; and we can do without the house phone as we have the cell phones.  I have some Christmas presents for my girls that I've bought over the past couple of years (last year we skipped Christmas--things were too unsettled still).  We'll be okay, it's just scary while we're going through it.

In January, the babies will be back and we should be okay.

Until then, I hope everyone at Redroom has a wonderful holiday season and that you're all safe against the cold.  To those who sent reading lists, thank you!  I've written down the authors and titles and will be working my way through the list. 


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Susan, I so feel you right now...

my dad had to get me new shoes today because the soles of mine were wearing off. I kept on telling him I didn't need them, but he said "You need shoes."
Please check in when you can and happy holidays!