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Back at the Library Again.

I made it to the library when a computer was available, so hello Redroom!  Ricardo, I just finished "Paris to the Moon" by Adam Gopnik and LOVED every word of it.  For those of you who haven't read it, you should.  It is a love letter to Paris that manages to celebrate its essential Parisianness and laugh at its peculiar Frenchness all at the same time.  Jennifer, I did bring home Marc Acito but KidThree somehow thought it must be for her and took it to her room, so I'm letting her have first crack at it.

Notes on the situation at home--today KidThree had a medical procedure done that we are hoping helps things a lot but we have to wait several days to see.  Fingers crossed.  She was so scared, not because it was going to be painful (it was below her level of injury AND they used anesthetic anyway) but because she has had some much done the last couple of years and is now afraid of almost everything to do with doctors.  My poor girl.  I was holding her hand and kissing her forehead and wanting to cry myself when I still saw a tear run down her cheek.  Afterwards, we went down to the cafeteria and treated outselves to chocolate and something to drink before going back upstairs to Group.

Group was fun today.  ShootingVictimX was there; he was the young man whom KidThree was glad to have join the group, because he was close to her age, black, and also a shooting victim.  He had gone home from the hospital a week ago and was in very high spirits today.  He talked more than he did his previous three visits total.  BadDriver was also there.  This young man was injured in a drunk driving accident (he was the drunk driver) and went home just three weeks ago.  He and his mother don't speak English well, although other family members do.  They are having trouble figuring out how to get the supplies he needs through his local agencies, so another group member (QuadL, bilingual) and I are going to go with his mother and him to the right clinic to advocate for them and show them how to work the system now that he is home. 

After we all got booted out of our conference room, we were not done with our business, so we took up the waiting area in front of the elevators for another fifteen minutes.  Retiree and I talked about KidThree's marvelous, marvelous bed, as he is renting a hospital bed and wants to get his own bed, and I had told him previously how magical her bed was.  Then QuadL and I made arrangements with BadDriver and his mother for our combined visit to his clinic; QuadL will do the actual appointment and then call me to tell me when to show up.  While we were doing that, KidThree was giving ShootingVictimX's mother my name and number so she could call me later for information.

***I am so useful to the group, you see, as I was a Medi-Cal worker for twelve years and still would be if KidThree hadn't gotten shot.  My experience with the system is very helpful to those encountering it for the first time.

Not much else going on here.  We aren't doing Christmas this year, not really, although something is in the works that I will tell about after next Tuesday.  The babies are on winter break; we are pining for them.  I've gotten a couple of babysitting jobs that are keeping us in groceries, and have gotten much, much work done organizing the boxes and baskets and bags of paperwork that has accumulated since the shooting.  The only paperwork left unsorted and unfiled is sitting on my desk, a small pile that doesn't need a bag or a box or a basket to keep it together.  It'll be done by this weekend.  The other thing I'm doing is reading, as much as I can and as fast as I can.  It is so much fun, to go from one book right to another.

A note on the reading: I found two paperbacks by Linda Fairstein at the Friends of the Library alcove and bought them.  The first was okay.  Only okay, but still okay.  Sentences too simple, editing too lazy, characters trite and undeveloped, and an overworked plot, but I read the darned thing anyway.  Then I read the second one and got really annoyed with her.  A couple of characters were just racist caricatures, the plot had gaping holes, and the main characters remained undeveloped (and I knew she was going to have to kill off the one she did--she practically shouted it from the earlier book).  And somehow I'm supposed to believe a prosecutor who majored in literature at Wellesley, investigating a murder with Poe imagery all around, was not going to guess a Raven Society had to do with Poe fans?  Come on already.  That is how insulting to her readers' intelligence the author was.  What a waste of my quarters. 

The other big thing this week was joining a group that is going to work on the Marriage Equality issue here in our "No on Eight" county, to try to help nearby "Yes on Eight" counties get some minds changed.  That should be fun.  I have no money to donate, but goodness knows I have opinions and time.  We're looking at working on the issue for the next several years, until it can get on the ballot again, unless of course the courts come through for those of us on the side of love, love, and more love.

The librarians are cleaning up now, so I'll say goodnight.


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I'm so glad you picked up the Marc Acito!

Trust me, your daughter will love it. It's very funny. And you will love it as well!

I know what you feel about not having any money to donate to causes-it helps I have a blog so I can just shoot my mouth off and then hopefully someone reads it and understands.

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Thank you soooooo much for donating your time to fighting the hate in your county.  The more we educate people, the less likely they are to vote for stupid things like Prop 8.  That is the key:  education.  Wishing you and yours love peace ...  and great books.  R