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BabyBoy Is on the Way!

My brother-in-law, then age 10, said to me when I was pregnant with KidOne, "Susie, if that baby's a girl, I won't play with it."  I asked why and he said, "I don't know how to play with girls."

I sent him a note that he can play with this one.

BabyBoy, due this July.  What fun!


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So happy that now you get to experience a little boy growing up.  I know you have cared for little boys before--but this one is special because he is yours to keep.  Grandsons are so very very fine.  Of course, as you already know, so are granddaughters.

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Sue, as usual, you've

Sue, as usual, you've captured EXACTLY how I feel right now!  I'm beyond thrilled to be able to experience a baby boy, in addition to all my wonderful girls.