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08/14/08 On the Horns of a Dilemma Here.

The direct deposit from my Saturday job went in, so my checking account is $85 to the positive. Tomorrow the automatic withdrawal for our blockbuster account is coming out--this will be about $60, as we reported two movies lost (really we just wanted to keep them). That would leave me only about $25 plus the $20 in my wallet to last me until the end of next week. That really isn't going to be enough to get us through, especially as tomorrow is our last trip to the gym and that takes $25 in gas alone. Blast blast blast. I do so hate being in this situation. And blast again. What I am going to have to do is go to the atm tonight to take most of the $85 from the account, which will give me cash to last until the end of next week but will also cause the account to get overdrawn tomorrow when the blockbuster payment is taken out. Blast blast blast blast blast blast and blast.

This morning I spent four hours with LadyP, my elderly woman with Alzheimer's while her family went shopping. LadyP is such a marvelous woman. She has trouble walking and so goes very, very slowly. When we were heading out the door to take our usual walk to the park, I made a joke about running away together. She looked at me and grinned and said, "we are walking away together!" I love the glimpses of her love of jokes and laughter.

LadyP has trouble following things on television, so sometimes I read to her. She is very proud of her Irish heritage, so I've been bringing books of Irish fairy tales and stories to read to her. Fairy tales are good because they are short, the plots are simple, and it doesn't matter all that much if she dozes a little while I read. Today it was "Myths and Folk Tales of Ireland," by Jeremiah Curtin, a Dover reprint of a book published over a hundred years ago. Curtin used such wonderful phrasings in it, such as, "there was a time long ago, and if we had lived then, we shouldn't have been living now," and "when they had gone on a piece of the way together. . . ." I like to read books with distinctive word choice and sentence structure to KidThree, as that is such a good way to expand her vocabulary and show her the fun and flexibility of English. I did the same with KidOne and KidTwo, both of whom are now excellent writers with distinctive voices.

Other than that, no reading today. After watching LadyP, I came home and went straight for a nap, as last night KidThree and I stayed up well past eleven to watch all the episodes we had of The Wire. We are so totally hooked on that show. There are two more dvd's of episodes from Season Four, then we have to wait a bit for Season Five.

Such a dull day.