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05/18/08 Eight Hours Sleep!

All in one lovely, unbroken row. How good that feels. KidThree spent the night with family, so I didn't need to get up to help her. I had the sleeping thing down so well I slept through my alarm this morning. So much for getting up and finishing the laundry! (There are at least four loads to go.) I need to fold everything from yesterday, wash dishes, and continue working on the living room.

Yesterday KidOne and I got the tv set-up done. It still needs a little work--I forgot two support legs and now don't have the ten dollars to go get them--but the tv is on it and looks fine. There is also room for the laptop to live; it will be good to get it over there with the rest of the wires and cords and plugs. Consolidation is a good thing.

The temperature today is supposed to be only ninety-five degrees. Still too hot, but not as bad as the last several days.

I was going to go to church today. Not sure now--I've only had one cup of coffee and there is just so much housework to do. I was raised Catholic but stopped believing those teachings well before my confirmation. I read extensively on Islam, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, and Mormonism, but wasn't able to bring myself to believe in any of those fundamental teachings, either. I did love the good that was at the heart of each of those faiths, but the religious teachings I just could not swallow, however much I longed for faith and that sense of community. Over the years I've gotten comfortable with my lack of faith, but I do miss that sense of community still. There is a Humanist group in the nearby city, but I can't afford the travel back and forth. So what to do? I decided to try out the Unitarian Universalist congregation here in town. Their website says all are welcome and their focus is like mine--do good for people and for the planet--so I thought it might be a good fit. They even dress casually (photos on the website confirm that their level of casual is near my level of casual). This is important because my wardrobe is not extensive, to say the least. Hmmm. Services start in ninety minutes. Do I try? One cup of coffee in me, no shower yet, thyroid medicine taken only thirty minutes ago so I can't eat for another thirty minutes, and all this work to be done. And then KidThree needing a ride home at some point and KidFour needing a ride halfway home later than that (we meet halfway). No church for me today. There is just too much to do here. I will go next time.

Now off to wash the dishes soaking in the sink, and then to get the pots and pans washed that are sitting on the stove right now. And a second cup of coffee to fix. Then I'll put in a movie and fold and put away laundry, and clean the living room as best I can. I WILL get control of my environment, I will, I WILL. . . .