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Once Upon a Time, Long, Long Ago.
Jun 2008

I have three daughters, two bio- and one where I managed to avoid the birthing and diapering part.  When the first two were small, I read to them at bedtime and also read to them upon waking, helping ease them into the day.  Both are now avid readers. 

KidOne is working on two master's degrees, one in Nursing and the other in Case Management; KidTwo is working on a bachelor's in education for the developmentally disabled in a residential program in Pennsylvania; and KidThree has just successfully finished her first college class (online). BabyGirl belongs to KidOne; she's my first grandchild and the light of all our lives.

I was KidThree's tutor at an afterschool program for several years when she was small, where she didn't just worm her way into my heart, she stomped in, sat herself down, and refused to leave.  She moved in with us when she was thirteen and I never gave her back. 

02/17/07, she was in the vicinity of a gang fight that escalated to gunfire and was struck by a stray bullet; she is now a complete T-9 paraplegic.  The lives we all knew ended that day, but the lives we got in exchange have turned out to be unexpectedly good.   Parenting these three magical young women is never dull.

My cast of characters: KidOne, KidTwo, and KidThree, my daughters; BabyGirl, KidOne's daughter; DaddyP, KidOne's husband; KidFour, a beloved niece who lived with us some while in high school; Sweetie, my boyfriend. GirlOne, BoyOne, BoyTwo, and GirlTwo are four children I cared for for a year (nanny for a year, friend for life).

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Reading.  Cooking.  Crocheting.  My daughters.  Politics.  Science.  Comparative Religion.  Evolution.  Language.  The Acquisition of Language.  The Evolution of Language.  Reading.