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Long Beach, California
I am a widow and have been married to my present husband for six years.
Oct 2008

I am a native of Southern California. After a career in film, radio and finally the medical profession, I retired. I now devote my attention to writing and promoting my new book, "50 Frogs, 5 Babes and a Bulldog."

This story is over-the-top and slightly zany, but based on my true life experiences as a middle-age plus woman in the 21st century internet dating world. Being a dog lover, I've featured my English bulldog, the late Winchester. My aim is to offer some lightness and comedy to women everywhere. I'm sure some of them will relate.


Hayward Smith's "The Red Hat Club" and Janet Evanovitch.

Upcoming Works

"Autumn Leaves," a suspense/love story and a sequel to "50 Frogs, 5 Babes and a Bulldog."



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Reading, playing the piano, listening to music, movies and hanging out with good friends, theater.