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When I studied in the USA, I was constantly told that "never again" was the moral to live by. Holocaust studies, memorials, monuments, documentaries, novels, memoirs dominated and still dominate the Western marketplace and psyche. In that process what is lost is the genocide determinedly...
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Gulzar's Maachis took a close look at the state's role in creating "terrorists"
I have been a news addict since I was a child. My father's job required him to monitor all media very closely, so we all grew up with obscene amounts of newspapers, reports, clippings, and then finally television news around us. Dinner conversations in my parents house often feel like policy...
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Since the terrorist began their rampage in Mumbai a week ago, I have grown sick of reading about how India stands at the verge of Hindu-Muslim "sectarian" or "religious" violence. Every British and American editorial attempts to explain why US and EU cannot act again Pakistan by...
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There are days when even the most law-abiding citizen feels the need for vigilante action. There are days one wishes that we could react with bullets rather than ballots. Today is one of those days, when I fervently wish there would be mobs lynching some of the political rats that are prancing...
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The carnage in Mumbai appears to have come to an end. I still hold my breath as its painful to wait for the news of those who may have died in the Taj. I am still too shaken, angry and upset to write anything coherently. Words fly around my head but never remain long enough to form a full thought...
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Last night, watching the US elections unfold, I was reminded inexorably of the very first South African elections on that country's long march to "liberation." I lived in Johannesburg for the year preceding the historic 1994 elections that finally ended apartheid, signalled most...
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Okay first of all, full disclosure: I have never been a huge fan of Erica Jong. When I had to read her for a university class back in the 1980s, I managed to horrify and anger the lecturer and my American classmates by pointing out that her "iconic" book was one superficial, self-obsessed...
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I was back in Delhi just after the 2004 US elections. In the taxi from IGI into the city, I ended up with a rather voluble Sikh driver. After enquiring after my family, job, marital status, income (usual Indian-style small talk), he asked a question that stumped me. "Madam," he asked, and...
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For the past few weeks, western media has been running stories on how "Hindus are driving out Christians" in India. New York Times (never the best of sources, but apprently widely read in that country) recently ran a headline screaming "Hindus Threat to Christians - Convert of Flee....
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