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Sumathi Mohan's Writings

Short Story
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RANI   An eerie silence enveloped the forlorn Amrai village like a thick blanket. The month of October brought along with it a cold breeze, that chilled the spine, an owl hooted from the near by age old Tamarind tree thus disturbing the silence.   Lucknow city in Uttar Pradesh, India was 25 kms away from Amrai. The only mode of transportation being a   Khad -...
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          Writing poems sometimes I feel is a waste of time, Makes me feel silly, and at times fine. At any rate, not a penny’s worth,  satisfaction, a million births. yet poets aren’t the ones  who weigh, pros and cons. They flow with the current, may stop at their own points. People watch them with awe  On banks of greener lands,...
  When I first saw her….. Oh! She lay nude! On the hilly rocks,  Where hyenas feed and jackals roam. She knew no game of name or fame. Her body lay crooked, legs pulled apart, a tree stood in between to hide her shame. Her  lovely feet eaten by  hounds, and shapely arms stretched along. her black long hair partly hidden  behind a flowing sari screen. A ...
Like a dawn I wake, Like a flower I attire, Like a bird I chirp and fly and sing through the day. Like a mare I stare, Like a brain I drain, Like a hare I snore, through the midday. Like a rose I wither, Like a leaf I drop, Like in Rome I am home, at the end of each day. Like a night I sleep, Like a dream I may seem, Like a river I gurgle and flow, Thus I live...
Subtle love
  Love isn’t saying a thousand times in a day, I love you. Love isn’t a bouquet of roses or spicy words on a greeting card. Love isn’t a kiss under a casurina tree on a moonlit night. Love isn’t expensive gifts wrapped in bright sheets. Love is being there for a loved one in times of need. Love is a kind word, a gentle touch, an embrace when least expected. Love...
you make me ponder
TIME YOU MAKE ME PONDER O’ Time, You are forever cherished, you ‘re the one who nourished, Under your Sun I flourished, And so I  remain unblemished. My smiles you enriched, My fears you diminished, My hurts you healed, And truth you revealed. Your revelation did render  The splendor, made me wonder. It makes me see yonder, thus  Upon life and death I ponder. I...
On a lighter vein
Love is love and life is life, Love a fantasy and life a reality The former soars and latter stays The first releases and the second clutches So love is love and life is life. When in love one is blind,   and in life wide awake. Fantasy inspires, transforms and bloom. Reality realizes, analyses, brings gloom, Hence love is love and life is life. Love imagines and...
school magazine
 When one ponders deep, of life in general, life moves on at an individual scale; one can aptly say.  A nuclear family has still again fragmented itself into a single nucleus, and that is the self. Look around and we find everyone fighting one’s own battle for existence.We have stopped looking out and have closed our eyes to our surroundings; secluded self from...