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Sumathi Mohan's Writings

The moon again, is sexy today  peeping from the foliages, smiling slyly. Only yesternight, I had watched  her in her luminous orange, majestic.  Before she was engulfed by ghostly smoke,  vision hazy, seductive. The passing cloud did stop by to share a news ; peep at beauty glowing. Everynight, i see her and watch the swaying moods, clouded...
Of mystic and muzic... Spirit soars in starlit nights, ember moon , flawless  rides. the smell of camphor, morning hues the hazy gleam , the lazy sun. laughter of kids, farm boy funs, smile of a petal on a due's drop glistening leaves, on mystic lands. Golden rooms , warmth of love; all merge in buzzing breeze , fragrance abound in eyes filled with love,...
10.43pm... A  quater and a whole hour would end the day, my birth day. A quite day with self, half asleep, a  relaxed day: un incidental, secluded from a normally expected partying birthday celebration. No cheer of wearing  diamond studded ear rings or draping self in silk, bejewelled and starry eyed looking forward to another year of joy and...
Amidst loud laughter and gentle smiles lies hidden, in great solitude a past veiled, cobwebbed and dust ridden; layered  by years, a past that battled with life. In the dark corner of a lonely room, fog cleared, they emerge, baring the scars of deep wounds, that bleed alone unrevealed, yet un dieing. Sumathi Mohan 5.54. p.m.  1st Oct 2011  ...
You and I,  I and You; been together, so long. Everyday you said I am  changing. I smiled and  wiped you clean. Innocence reflected when you bloomed. I saw you weep, worry and laugh. Youth glistened,  naughty eyes  winked and I let go. I hid your worry lines under powder puff. But age took over and I understood you wished to grow old...
Short Story
Red room
Akhil is an institution! Every body speaks about Akhil every where in the campus because footprints of Akhil could be found every where in one form or the other. For the new teacher, discovery of Akhil was distinct from the rest of the students.  She took her own time to get to know each one of them. Akhil was just another obscure face in the crowd, managing...
Since morning a gloom envelops me, can't exactly say if its sadness, or is it the just the cosmic silence? No rush to reach anywhere, no pangs that ruffles the depth, why a meditative serious look? The mind and body are in tune, work undoubtedly in progress, yet the soul is missing. The lips does the cutomary  acknowledgements, the eyes  wander away ,...
My Mother and I   My mother spoke… My Baby, When you were born, skimpy and shriveled you looked.  My heart did skip a beat when you looked blue and glued.  Greeting you to the world, my ears strained for your cry. The nurse slapped you twice, and my mouth went dry.   I would have wrung her neck, you cried aloud in protest....
Home bound birds
Home bound birds, cross horizons, span the waters: springs, rivers, seas and oceans, within seconds! Rainbow winged beings, visit fairy lands, elves befriended, migrate to hibernate in fantazy lands. Awake, melody they sing of  love begone,while silent cuckoo listens in trance ,owls doze when night is warm. Necklace road circles the still lake, mute statues...
Smouldering eyes , reflecting pillars of brown stoned in stillness, piercing through the columns, speaking passion, subdued for want of time, the right receiver. They would either erupt and burn, burrow down the sidewalks scalding the the cheeks , down the lanes to parted lips, tasting salt. Or they may shimmer to a standstill, quietened by a hopeless, resigned...