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My pen rests!

It matters no more now,

If I write a story or a poem;

because in contentment

is a stillness in motion.

Gone are the days when

every little thing mattered;

became a topic , its form

in prose; a general norm.

A restless mind  had often sought

a vent to let out pent up feelings,

an ear to lend then there was none,

The open diary my company,

had received my pen;

flowing thoughts with never a bend.

But in stillness there is none,

for all merge in one.

Silence pervading, quietness loving,

all feelings reach a saturation,

when bliss is forever in motion.

My pen rests ...........!

Sumathi Mohan

8th Jan, 2012





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I liked this poem Sumi, but

I liked this poem Sumi, but don't say 'Goes are the days', I hope you didn't really  mean it.

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just a siesta.....

Thank you Jitu Bhaiji, its just that I am not inclined to write these days, may be a partial rest until I get my call to write. Tnx a lot for your concern, even if I wished to I don't think you would let me. :)

Your sister

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Hi Jitu


Can ,Could,will Sumathi be able to forget her true nature?

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Nice to see you once again Al Wahab. Yes its next to impossible for her,indeed. I hope you are fine.

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Welcome gentlemen!.

happy conversation between you two...... I loved it!

reminds me of bygone days when all of us used to enjoy a get together at Hombre's den , discussing on various topics by the imginary camp fire. I remember I even wrote a poem on all of us, what fun it was, good old days!

But now each to his work..... Miss you all!