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My Mother and I

My Mother and I


My mother spoke… My Baby,

When you were born, skimpy and shriveled you looked. 

My heart did skip a beat when you looked blue and glued.

 Greeting you to the world, my ears strained for your cry.

The nurse slapped you twice, and my mouth went dry. 

 I would have wrung her neck, you cried aloud in protest.

Meekly you whined, I subdued then all detest. 

I held you close to my heart, we will never part.

Yet you cried your lungs out, I did my best to hold you right.

 I spoke to you of pain I bore while I brought you afore.

The bliss you gave while within, the pride I feel lifting your chin.

I watched your toothless smile, love suffused and brimmed over.

 You knew nothing, and then the hunger began.

Its then you drew closer, to suckle and feed; 

I felt the god’s creation grow in my hand.

I rejoiced when you turned over, you missed your first step and fell over.

Your chin bled, while my heart cried; but you stood up,  my tears you dried.

I danced the dance of my life, when you held my little finger tight.

Your little steps went back and forth, you picked on henceforth. 

Floral hues bloomed in your face; I watched the rainbow through your eyes.

Felt the drizzle in the garden green, night stars twinkled bright. 

I turned my sweat to blood, groomed you into a gentle man !

I spoke… My mother,

Blessed I am that I was born of you, I love you !

It is your birthday… Happy Birthday Ma !!

Sumathi Mohan