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Darn ! the word .

Every picture is a symbol, life is full of sounds,

a word, a part of a sentence; then a prarah and so on.

Every sentence of varied kinds, in basics all learn,

Question, answer, exclaim and wishes of a moron!

At  Two does one begin to learn a word to a picture

a sound to a word, actions full of rhythm and rhyme.

Learns by heart all the words, stores them in the mind.

Data is all stored away, to use when ever one wants.

Then begins the clatter of all the words  learnt,

they speak within so much, the sound,  transformed.

How come, the noise outside is now noise within,

robbing of one's peace and patience well  timed?

Every where the "I" went  he found more of his kind,

battling with the words within, not with the sound.

'Become Word less' ,said the Guru,' Need of the hour.'

How could I erase all the words assiduously learnt

High and low I searched, a magic eraser I couldn't find.

'Darn!  the word,' the ' I' muttered and lo it found,

the only word that suited best to still a cluttering mind !!!


Now Meditate peacefully :)))  .....  Om Sai !


7.20 am

July 3rd, 2012