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The Turning Point

The Prize winning script in Horlicks Inter School Competitions, Musical theatre, Horlicks
Script Writer and direction Sumathi Mohan & R.,Chandramohan

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The Turning Point

Life is full of challenges, one such challenge was the creation of the Musical Theatre, The Turning Point. Horlicks organises Inter School Competitions for ICSE schools in India. Two days prior to the competition, it was rehersal time, the Principal of the school went through all the programmes. It came as a shock to us when at 9 pm, point blank he rejected the item saying , the script is in third person narration, remake it in first person. The aftermath of the shock was to rewrite it in first person. The dejected participants wished to withdraw, encouraging them to accept the challenge was a Herculean task as we were ourselves running in low spirits. After a quick run through of the script we headed to the city for a second time voice recording. The Founder-Principal of the school met us at 5 pm and personally took the initiative and guided us through the recording process. When we returned it was 1 am in the morning. We went through rigourous practice session for one whole day. Next day we were ready for the competition. The event by itself was a new concept in school level. We forgot all about winning and concentrated on doing our best. In the green room we saw our competitors rehersing their part, giving final touches to their dance sequence. We watched them curiously and tried to judge the winners. Meanwhile we grouped together and joined hands in prayer. When we turned to look at them again, they looked apprehensive, while we stayed calm and composed. It was our turn..... !

I ran up to my seat to see our creation bloom out.  I held my breath waiting for them to go wrong, but they did their best. The crowd went ga..ga..! The participating schools cheered in unison. The show lasted for only five minutes, but the deciding factor of our creativity and hard work, stood on the pavement of sleepless nights and uncertainity for another couple of hours , awaiting verdict. We sat and watched others perform, soon realised our creativity was on par with the best schools. Though winning was on the cards, the position was a factor of doubt for every one. Judges are one unpredict lot, experiece has taught me that. I went out for lunch content with a satisfactory performance.

While at lunch, outside the hall, the news of  the verdict rang like musical jingle in my ears. We are the winners! Yipeeeeeeee...... I screamed aloud, unmindful of the student crowd all around me. The congratulations poured in, as we danced around hugging each other. The euphoria of a victory can never be expressed in words except in an animal cry.....the tarzan style. That was a real turning point to victory. Winners never quit! 

I am proud of my students for their unfailing faith in us and who stood by us in times of adversity. They will make me and my country proud.