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Madurai Meenakshi Temple, Tamil Nadu, India

The Madurai temple complex in itself is breathtaking, given the fort like walls pierced with lofty towers, surrounding an area of about 640000 square feet. The Aadi, Chittirai and the Maasi, and Veli streets surround the temple. The towers, or the gopurams for which this temple is known, are visible from a distance. No less than 12 gopurams or towers adorn this temple and the 4 outer ones tower to a height of over 160 feet.

There is a large tank – the Potraamaraikkulam within the temple complex. The thousand pillared hall within the temple complex is also of great importance; its pillars feature sculptural work beyond compare. The panoramic spectacle of the temple immediately sinks in - upon entering the templeThe spectacular Potraamaraikkulam Temple tank, is surrounded corridors depicting murals of the Tiruvilayadal puranam.

Meenakshi’s shrine is located to the southwest of Sundareswarar’s shrine; the north east position being that of dominance, architecturally, the shrine to Sundareswarar shows this dominance. The Koodalazhagar temple is also located to the Southwest of the Sundareswarar temple, thus reflecting the importance of the Sundareswarar temple.

Both the Meenakshi shrine and the Sundareswarar shrine are huge temples in themselves– with their own sets of 2 prakarams mahamandapams and gold plated vimanams. Here is also seen the Mukkuruni Vinayakar shrine, with a collossal image of Ganesha.

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So amazing to see home video of India. Ahhh, makes me miss it.

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Thank you Vivian, I am glad

Thank you Vivian, I am glad you liked it. Thank you for stopping by to enjoy the visit. It is one of the architectural wonders in temple art. I am fascinated by it.