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Dream girl!

Dream girl! Dream girl!! Just as I had imagined!!

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Dreams are like post cards,

Dreams are like post cards, sometimes they return, saying receiver unknown!..lol

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My heart is broken

My heart is broken, my dreams are shattered; I'm soon going to cry a million times till my tears dry up and my eyes ache so hard that they shut forever.

Goodbye. It was nice knowing you!

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lol........Thank you, It was

lol........Thank you, It was great knowing you too. May I suggest an eye drop; Rose water is very good for eyes, keep the eyes kool and away from dryness and ache.
The broken heart story is an old movie stunt of bygone era! Got anything new and trendy, tell me..lol!
I wont be singing the song..'Woh jane wale ho sake toh lautke aana..!
Rather sing...'Chalte chalte mere yeah geeth, yaad rakna..Kabi alwida na kahna..!" ..lol

Meri chandinika aasman!

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Can I have one last glimpse of that smile, while I pass into oblivion?

Never refuse the request of a dying man!

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101 life span

Isn't living upto 101, a very long time to pass into an oblivion? ! Ofcourse even the law grants it.