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Thinking out of the box

THINKING OUT OF THE BOX To break the norms and think different may sound adventurous nevertheless isn’t easy to practice. The deeper one ponders on this topic it becomes easy to accept facts and people.One comes across different people with diverse opinion. Often differences in opinion lead to conflicts. An often difference in opinion leads to greater conflicts. If one is open to different views one learns to look beyond one’s territories and tends to accept them and respect others. To accept others, one requires loads of patience, understanding and care. When one is at peace with self there is always room for others.       Communication plays a key role here. Truth badly said is better unsaid. Say one must what one has to say, in the best possible way. Bitter words cut deep, leave deep wounds, bleeding over a period of time. When healed, leaves scars on the pages of time.  Like an arrow that has left the quiver cannot be called back, bitter words once spoken cannot be swallowed back.Accusations corner people and they tend to close themselves, this further leads to deterioration in relationships. Life isn’t complicated if one clears mental blockades by free communication. Prejudices and misunderstandings are like ice walls that cordon off self. Breaking that ice requires self motivation. A prejudiced mind often analyzes and judges others wrong; for things may not be exactly what one may assume superficially.One generally tends to judge others without giving a second thought. Before judging ask these simple questions to self; who am I to judge? Am I fair enough in judging? What if I am judged wrong? All that one can give others is some love, not advice and never ones judgment.To understand others best place oneself in other’s shoes, feel the pinches, look at life from the other’s point of view and thus be aware of a complete vision of things in general. This way there is no room for negative thoughts or conflicts.To solve problems one must have a positive approach. If one takes up differences in opinion as a challenge and tries to find a mutually beneficial solution, the problem is solved within seconds.The Boomerang theory plays an important role in life too.  What goes around comes around! Do a good deed, expect nothing in return and move on. But if you sow poison do not expect to reap a melon. Quoting the scriptures, ‘Bhagwad Gita’, Believe in karma, do your duty and do not aspire for a reward.’ Fruits of labor are always sweet. What ever you do, give it your best shot.Stand fast during times of adversities; believe in what you do, for only big trees can take the wind. The bottom line is, lofty thoughts lead to great actions. Watch your thoughts! Sumathi MohanCreative writer 16th Jan, 2009