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The kite flying!

The Kite flying!

Though we plan things, contingency do arise and we reschedule things. Of recent on short notice I had to fight my own battle with life, this time a fight for life.

I have been taking strain for the past of couple months in an intense scale, the end result of course was, my mechanism went on indefinite strike without notice. I was rushed to ICU, like on a vacation.  Not that I was afraid of death, because this is not the first time, whence I have stood at the threshold, locking eyes with death the leveler. I was bewildered a little, as it had come slowly like a fog, numbing my senses first then blurring my vision.

I had envisaged its approach a couple of months ago, when I began seeing all whites, the color missing in my minds eyes, my lack of enthusiasm, a total numbness to senses. The fight intensified, the white force geared up to return me to normalcy. I objected protested, fought back, was conquered, subdued goaded to live on...

Now when I sit back to assess, the tensions have evaporated, nothing matters now, I am to begin again, an all new beginning...searching my roots, picking up on lost thread,......a new canvass, a new picture to draw, the horizon a thin vague line..............I am yet to paint the rainbows that will touch the tulips of my soft beating heart. I raise the kite to the wind, letting the current take it on its lonely flight once again....unafraid of the flow, the unknown terrains....

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Yes, let the string slowly

Yes, let the string slowly out from between your fingers and allow the wind to lift you up into its shawl of currents and rise and fall with its every unpredictable, precious whim.

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The ebb and the fall!

You are right, the ebb and the fall, the waxing and waning! the full moon and the new moon! The complete blackness to light and back and forth! Sometimes I feel Mary that we read the right pulse!

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When you find the right words to express your distress,your body does not feel the need to tell with pain.You are definitely healed.

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The words speak for

The words speak for themselves, carries their own weight, are expressed in their own right, are not brought forth, they erupt to flow out, brimming and over flowing, a total release, yes, thats what expressions does to us, the ventilation, the final exit! The stress buster, the ultimate survival mechanism!

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Energetic and absorbing write

Felt as I was reading like I had walked into a long dark tunnel then suddenly emerged into a glittering wind that swept my attention up in its beautiful promising embrace. Thank you for the great read.

author of The American Poet Who Went Home Again
and Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance (Facts on File)

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Thank you Aber,

Thank you Aber for reading me.

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Are you really at bed health Elan? I am worried.

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Thank you for concern Jitu,

Yes, it was critical, escaped hair's breath, but I am a phoenix, back to pavilion, will be fit and fine.

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Look after yourself, is all

Look after yourself, is all I can bring myself to say. Here is my favourite verse, Sumathi, from one of my favourite songs by Gulzar:

Zindagi mere ghar aana, zindagi
Kadee dhoop hai
Tere saanson mein chehra chhupake
Jeena hai zindagi

(Life, come visit me...in the blinding sunlight, I find shelter in your breath)


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Take care, beautiful lady.

Take care, beautiful lady. You are precious and strong. God's healing touch and His hand will protect you. The prayers of all your friends on Red Room are with you.

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I am so touched by the love of my redroom friends...

Thank you dear dear all...I am so very blessed,I feel today. Thank you for being the rays of sun in my life.

Jise log kahte hain zindagi,
Woh toh haadson ka hajoomtha,
Yeh toh mera hi samjo kamaal tha,
ki main darmiyaan se guzar gaya!

And she remained beautiful and strong in art form!

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Hi Pheonix, I wish you a

Hi Pheonix,

I wish you a quick and full recovery. Take care of your health.



P.S. I’ve been trying to send this simple message many times, but for some reason, my submit button hasn’t been working. I continue to have this problem because I just installed Internet Explorer 8, and now I installed Firefox and mailbox and other items are gone.

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I liked ur addressing me as

I liked ur addressing me as a Phoenix, gives me renewed energy. I am on the march Keiko..and thanx a tonne.