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The kiss of the breeze
The kiss of the breeze

The summer sun beat down, but the weather in the garden was just serene in the afternoon. The nature at its lull, the birds kept twittering about, busy with their days activity. I lay on the soft  green grass looking at the blue sky, the stray clouds hanging in their blue back drop like cotton balls. The gentle breeze kissed my cheeks softly, evoking a peace that I had missed for so long. I let myself loose and  merged with the nature, listening to its music and  the sudden silence at times. My eyes followed the lonely crane that flew alone perching on tall tree tops, a craving deep within arose to be free of thoughts like the free bird. I wandered to the green pond that reflected the life above, while the school of tiny fishes darted in and out. Couple of ducks came by, wading and never tiring. Life went on it own smooth pace in the water world. The flowers attired in their best hues danced to the gentle breezes tune, and my heart dance with them. 

Life looked tension less, free like a birds and I stopped thinking for a quite a while. I realised then how far away I had been from this beautiful world all around me.

I felt sad to realise that I had secluded myself from them all. Profound life is always in a flux, and the most difficult part of life is not when no one understands you, it is when one doesn't understand self. The self is always in a transition period, that it becomes difficult to remain stagnant in thoughts. The fleeting thoughts visit and leave, and revisit again. In  the present scenario one gets caught up in the world's web that one hardly finds time to spend time with nature. With disturbed thoughts we proceed and the mind never relaxes thus becoming the victim of stress.

As a writer while one gets busy with the computer recording the present , the now , and the happenings of the fleeting moments, one tends to alienate self from the world in this process that at times one's own voice may seem alien. I am glad a friend of mine brought me out to merge with the nature, to see the world outside the world of letters. It has changed my outlook, and I feel the natures serenity with in me now. 

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great blog

As a writer I tend to forget I am a person first and a writer second. Amusing, in part, because I blog about my life here in Thailand. Thank you for your blog, it was well written and a has a message that is important not only for writers but all of the people who lock themselves away from nature in their offices.