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The foreword!

The foreword!

Part 1

Presence of good souls, who can be classified as friends have made me understand that animosity in every aspect, is a crime that has not been declared a crime, by refined human acknowledgement in the list of common crime.

Friends of life teach the importance of another soul in their lives; that helps one realize who really one is. They guide us to identify the presence of essence of crude kindness. One then has to with the help of acquired knowledge lead self to the path of self reliance and glowing bliss.

A recent development in the wake of a day is a matter of concern.  My friend is unwell and I raise from my chair, a quick decision to visit her. Nature work in my favor and clears hurdles.  I take leave of my existing surrounding and travel to the city enveloped in a dome of bluish smoke,( I suffocate) within match box buildings and glowing roadsides. Picturesque, starry oasis in contrast to the green surrounding I travel from.

I am dropped at her doorstep. Cuddled in a bean bag is the timid figure of a once upon lively butterfly, now tired and weary of life. She is a gem of a soul who had helped me learn the warmth of love, care and concern.

I look into her dull, hopelessly weary, dark circled eyes; that not long ago had been bright, lit by the glow of love and youth. A pain shot up within; that raised the foremost question why this lackluster, which were against my continual belief that she would soon get better. One often tend to believe a scene as an injustice, contradicting positive attitude.

That night she became very ill and I surrendered to her bad health condition. I at a night watching her fragile figure fight its battle within. Hope refused to surrender. I fought on and she fought on, while I sat as a mute spectator. I witnessed the struggle to bring self in harmony.

She talked for a whole day after a break of one and a half month of a world beyond the earthlings’ dwelling. I protested and wailed, how can she talk of such things stranger than fiction. I am a fiction writer but to accept a strange reality happening to self secludes us in experience. Anger bubbled within.

Wrath is the inability to accept  contradictory views; diffidence equalently evident when mind connives. Knowledge and acknowledgement; think out of the box, is easily said then realized.

In a way, coming to an understanding with reality is through self repentance, self declared method of purification that for a time only the subconscious knows and plays hide and seek.

For my bewildered, aghast mind; on the verge of irrationalism,  was to understand in her case that what  modern medicine failed to find the cause of pain, a sign spiritual, lent the knowledge; the reason for her pain.

Thus the realization would be; refinement of thought becomes the essence of education.

Probably, animosity would be worldly accepted as inhuman.

This journal will be a record of self analysis…… readers are welcome to leave their valuable comments.

Sumathi Mohan  

11.12.11 (10.12.am)






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Centre of study

I went throught and prepared poetic version as under. It may appear on many sites......"Centre of study"




India has remained as centre of study for the world

Where as many countries have blown hot and cold

Peace was never at their door steps leaving behind misery

Cordiality was never  considered as reality and necessary


The country and its people are known by traditional values

Not by the way of loud speaking or projecting wrong views

But showing the courage and patience at the time of crisis

The culture stands as its hard core fabric and forms solid basis


It is very easy to bully small states by playing big brother’s role

Interfere in their internal affairs by unnecessary call

This is one kind of vengeance and shown towards helpless

Take full advantage of weakness and force them to abandon the race


In general, animosity is not at all welcome

It may be suiting to hardly counted or some people

Yet it cuts no ice and spoils the situation

It no condition it can be allowed with its continuation


On the other hand generosity is considered as noble gesture

It is considered as essential for stable relation or future

Humanity demands such steps as precondition for growth

Animosity must disappear from the scene and other aspect must come forth


Human nature is gifted with certain hostile aspects

It is interwoven in nature with all the respects

We feel jealousy merely on count of neighbor’s prosperity

We add fuel to faire to hide displeasure and inability


These are all virtual enemy of human race

It makes person blind and generates hatred in so many cases

Man becomes blood thirsty and runs for reprisals

Inflict personal Injuries which sometime costs fatal


We have never transported extremism to any countries

Taken full care not to imposed will and act as sentries

We have suffered a lot yet so far held the ground very well

Country is well knit and stands firm for many stories to tell


We are still facing the uncertain future with ugly scenes

Many innocents are subjected to and casualties have been

The peoples are misguided and hence give rise to animosity

This clearly demonstrates their defeat and inability 


We have long roots of tolerance and are known as peaceful nation

Not only shown the courtesy and good will but maintained the relation

This has kept people prosperous and happy with progress

There is no ground to feel dejected if denied the access


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Thank you

Thank you