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Khajuraho temple

Quoted from the text of Osho…..

“Have you gone to Khajuraho and Konark? There you will see what am saying to you. Those are tantra temples, the most sacred temples that still exist on earth. These two temples have a different message which is not ordinary, which is extra ordinary.You will be surprised to see that on the outer sunlit walls there are all kinds of sexual postures- a man and a woman making love in so many postures, conceivable and unconceivable, possible and impossible. The entire wall is full of sex. One starts feeling what an obscenity! One wants to escape. But that is not because of the temple because of the priest and his poison inside you.Go inside. As you start moving inside the temple, the figures are less and less and love starts changing. On the outer wall it is pure sexuality; as you start entering inside, you will find sex is disappearing. Couples are still there in deep love, looking into each others eyes, holding hands, embracing each other, but sexuality is no more there. Go deeper- and the couples have disappeared. Go still deeper…….

At the innermost core of the temple, the Gharba, the womb,- there is not a single figure. No light is coming from outside; it is utter darkness, silence calm and quiet. And there is not even a figure of god- its emptiness, its nothingness.

The innermost core is meditation, Samadhi, and the outermost core is sexuality. This the whole life of man depicted in the temple.

If you destroy the outer wall you will destroy the inner shrine to the innermost silence and darkness cannot exist without the outer walls.........."

Hence all creations happen from the innermost silence, the total darkness to light. A woman is in a state of Samadhi during pregnancy for she is in the process of creation. A man can achieve this state only through meditation. An artist creates his images from obscure imagination. So does a writer in the absolute silence of his mind.



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Something about the shape of

Something about the shape of these temples reminds me of the Khmer temples in Cambodia.

I think the ancients had sex on the mind. Even some of the desert castles in the Arab world have frescoes showing their caliphs frollicking with their harems.

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That is information for me.

That is information for me. Definetely or probably they were in the physical world more, unlike us.