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Success needs no explanation

My first blog at Bloggers!
Hence let me begin with a happy note, and talk about a success story. I have always believed in hard work, more than that I believed depending on self to get a work done. Dream first, imagine to plan, visualize the plan, write to give a skeleton to the plan, edit to work it out, begin the action through self, keep editing and imagining and planning and working till you achieve the near perfection that you have visualized. Bingo! the end result is success!
Success is pure essence of hard work, dedication, good planning and imagination and continuous editing. It is euphoric, the satisfaction lies in working and editing and giving life and colour to your imagination. The work itself is the means to an end. Half way through the work you already know your progress and the chuckle that you enjoy is worth a million.
Think not how small your work is, think how perfect it is. If it is perfect for you, it is perfect for others too.

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Thank you, Sumathi. Your blog brought me euphoria, Be ye perfect:-)

I especially love this: "Think not how small your work is, think how perfect it is. If it is perfect for you, it is perfect for others too".


Catherine Nagle

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You are welcome Catherine, thank you for agreeing with me, Sure it does make sense to all of us right? That way we do not have to worry about what others would think or how they would assess our work. I am glad you felt the euphoria!

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Sumathi - as long as it is

Sumathi - as long as it is perfect for you, this is the key. You know yourself, your instinct tells you when something is right - what others think should be irrelevant - this is art in its entirety, its essence. m

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For an artist, every art is

For an artist, every art is unique and perfect. I guess he works on the piece until his instinct tells him to stop. He gives his life and blood to it to reach the stage of perfection. All may not be able to see it through his eyes, hence I believe art cannot be judged or a price tag put up.

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You said it!m

You said it!m

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I´m happy to see you happy,

I´m happy to see you happy, Sumi! You look great in that blue dress, by the way!

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HI lu, It feels so nice to

HI lu, It feels so nice to see you all back again, Give me a hug, lovely seeing you, Reb, and I am so glad Mary is back with us, Catherine with her stunning smile, even Hombre has dropped in, hahah.....tnx to him, he was lost in his stone age. I was just thnking of mailing you all to drop by, and here I see you all, drop by. I told you telepathy happens!

I had been so very very busy,  spending tiring days under hot sun. And the Athletic Meet and the Sports Day Celebrations conducted on 2nd and 5th  went on so very well. It was a wonderful team work. This is the firts time we had organised such an event in the InternationalStadium and the athletes felt so proud participating there. Though I spent about a decade on tracks, I never got a chance to run on an international stadium, but I am so glad Lu, that I was able to help the generation do it. And I felt the euphoria while cheering the young athletes.....a  very touching moment, indeed. 

Hows everything with you at school and home?

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An inspirational blog, nice

An inspirational blog, nice to see you in such good spirits, Sumathi!

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More inspiring is seeing you

More inspiring is seeing you all here Reb. I missed every one of you truly.

The two sides of the coin!....Rising from the depths of abyss to the pinnacle of euphoria!

Life is strange Reb, isnt it? Always a roller skater ride.

But I am so grateful to you guys, you are all here, supporting me always ; in times difficult and in  times light. Like true true friends!

How are you doing Reb? Hope life is treating you better.

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HI Reb, Paintings for you!

I v added a few paintings for you to see. Poster colour on Chart paper, done a almost a decade ago, had locked them away in the attic, But vivian revived my memory on art and I dug them out, scanned them and put them up here.

The oil paintings I could not scan so well, you may see them when you visit my place...ok?

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Sumi,Thank you so much for

Sumi,Thank you so much for posting your paintings! You are extremely talented. I love them all. I would like very much to visit the "English Village" and I love the way you captured the clouds. "None can stop the soul" is amazing in that you painted so beautifully while your soul ached. Ah, yes, mountains are a natural wonder. I would like to sit atop the "Misty Mountains." I love the expressions and color and details in "The perfect couple." There is a wonderful peace and luminescence in your work. Absolutely lovely, Sumi! I am so glad Vivian revived your memory. Isn't it great to have treasures to dig up?! Indeed, when I visit, I can see the oil paintings :)

 I imagine you don't pick the brush or pencil up much anymore? Do you miss it? How long did you study art?

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I don't paint anymore

after bout 6 years gap , last year I had done one oil painting. Oil on canvass takes time to dry. I Plan to do one this christmas  holiday, havent got the theme yet. A job, a home, a wrting work that is on and off, 2 books going on simultaneously. Truly Reb I don't find the time to pick up my brush, and I did miss it, when I dug out those paintings. And my first thought was you, that you would be interested in seeing them. I am so glad you liked it. Thank you.

I love them, the treasures, the collections,

P>S. I never studied art, dance nor music. Art has been in my family from my mothers side and chivalry from my fathers side. I am a mixture of both. 

My teacher is nature, I learn by observation Reb and it is wonderful. There is  a field nearby i will take you to , it is truly beautiful, you will love to paint it.

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You are truly busy, Sumi! I

You are truly busy, Sumi!

I am so happy to hear that you will be doing another painting during the Christmas holiday. And it makes me happy that you thought of me and knew I would be interested in your paintings and so very glad you shared them.

You have been bestowed with many wonderful gifts and talents from your family and nature. I look forward to the field.

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Hi Suma

I can SMELL your enthusiasm!A new beginnig?!

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Hi Hombre

haha.....yea, I sure do, yep, a new beginning....began with Internet Adventure....great you remember it!

Are you still busy with Media and Press? How is your new venture progressing? 

Did you get the Net connection at home? I had been offline most of the time last month, just checking mails. I had missed Redroom and al my friends.

Please do keep in touch, do not go back to your stone age....lol!

How is everybody else at Redroom doing?????


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हैलो I will have you and other friends of RR invited to my OSCAR night.
हैलो: for those who do no know it,this masterpiece means  hello in Hindi

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Hammoudi's Oscar

Don't forget about me! I just have a slow connection  . . . still enjoying all my Red Room friends' work. :-)

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Hi Vicki

You are top-listed.You really deserve it.

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I will look forward to it,

I will look forward to it, Hombre!

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Sumathi, You are perfectly

You are perfectly lovely! As is all your hard work.

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Thank you sweet Jodi

To appreciate is a great quality! I strongly believe a person who can appreciate hoards no malice in heart, respect the others for their true worth and is happy for others.

Thank you sweet Jodi, hence you are equally lovely.....let us toast for two lovely people.....Champagne!

So have you begun your Christmas shopping ?

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Jodi you look so captivating

Jodi you look so captivating in your picture, simply superb! smiles

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Sumathi, Begun? Ha! I began

Begun? Ha! I began my Christmas shopping back in August when I bought my mother a beautiful moonstone necklace at the grange fair. But finish? No. Haven't finished. There will be fewer gifts under our tree this year as I have been unemployed since March and my husband's business hasn't been as successful as previous years. And we still have two sons in college. Money is tight! But our tree is pretty and I have time to bake cookies!

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Moonstone necklace!

Wow! that is a wondeful gift you have given to your mother. She must have surely felt proud of a daughter like you. Money comes and money goes! Let not money dampen your spirits.

Come along with your cookies, to the Redroom Party. Mary is getting the Menu ready...lol


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Sumathi, your blue dress

Sumathi, your blue dress shines and dazzles us all into one big dancing frenzy. Let us all join hands and circle the Red Room until we fall down dizzy from laughter and good words.

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Thats wonderful to hear

Thats wonderful to hear Mary, I love dancing, the good news is my foot has healed and I can dance....yeaaaaaaaaah!!! Les dance....

Who can sing a christmas carol???????

It is the sari and blowse, our traditional attire. The blue blouse , the jewellery studded with blue stones and the blue sari draped around me. 

We were all required to be in our traditional attire that day. I love that peacock blue, dazzling colour!

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Circle the Red Room


I loved your thought. "Success is pure essence of hard work, dedication, good planning and imagination and continuous editing."

"Continuous editing" carries a lot of pain in it's essence.
but it may be the most important of the five you listed.

Happiness to you always


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"Continuous editing"

Essence of pure precision.

I'm glad you brought Sumathi's thoughts to light here, Carole: "Success is pure essence of hard work, dedication, good planning and imagination and continuous editing."

Thank you again, Sumathi and Carole!


Catherine Nagle

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I love it whenever you walk

I love it whenever you walk in with your wisdom Carole. That is true, continuous editing is lot of hard work. It fine tunes the whole work to perfection.
Just like a sculptor, who keeps chiseling away to smooth-en the hard rock.
Corole, I sometimes wonder about those great artist of by gone era, their dedication and hard work. What madness it would have been , that they sat on their work, year after year, completely lost in their work, lost to the sane world!

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I didn't realize my post on the Raphael painting inspired you to post your paintings. Wonderful!

I also used to draw and paint and haven't done it much in recent years because writing was my life and living. You've inspired me to pick up a drawing pad again.

OK, everyone can blame Sumi when you see my stick drawings!

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Allow me to introduce Vivian to you friends!

Vivian welcome to our warm circle of friendship. Please meet.........................everybody here. We have known each other an year now, and have been supportive of each other through the thick and thin of life. Viv, these lovely people play an important role in my Redroom life.
Reb!it is Vivian who inspired me to dig out my treasure and post it here. This Christmas holidays I plan to do oil on canvas, as a return to paint and brush.
We look forward to see your brush work Viv!

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I read your blog and enjoy your paintings too. You must keep it up. Some day we would launch our joint art show in gallery here, or at your place. Serious.

        Hi Vivian, nice to meet you, you are most welcome to


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Jitu, I love that term, Sumi

Jitu, I love that term, Sumi - Circle. Gives a ring of completeness there, doesn't it?

You are always good at coining words , I liked your Amber Lady, given to Mary. Mares some how I could not digest, so I never called her that. 

Wow! Jitu, don't tell me you have paintings hoarded up on your attic! Seriously, I am just an amatuer, trying to wield my brush!

A joint Art Show......Gosh! That is dreaming toooooo big Jitu!  Please post a couple of your paintings, photo here..pls! and tell me more about your ART!

I think I will need to start working seriously on my canvass, now that you have given us  a big dream.

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Ahhh...so this is

Ahhh...so this is Vivian...

It's very nice to meet you Vivian. I'm glad you inspired Sumi to dig up her treasure :)


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Rainbow colours

Did a big job today , transformed my balcony into Painting Zone. Set my drawing board and  brushes, hunted out my brand new brushes and paint boxes, wow! it was like getting ready for a holiday.

hm..What shall I painted now that the board is mounted?

Get ready Viv , Reb and Jitu. Set up your place for it. 

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Right step.

First,right step towards our 'would be 'ART SHOW'.

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A generous person is a generous writer.

Thank you for sharing your upbeat first blog with us, Sumathi! Your words warm me on this chilly day and make my fingers want to start their work!

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The more one gives the

The more one gives the richer one is within self. A person then symbolically becomes an 'Akshayapatra',(in sanskrit~ ie, 'a never ending source of food')
We all draw inspiration from each other at one point of time or the other, feel rejuvenated and embark on the mission of distribution all over again. That's how we are all Vicki, We the writers and artists of the world.
May you spread the spirit of Christmas by your mere presence among everyone!
Merry Christmas to you and to all my friends!