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Sex and Religion

Quoted from the text of Osho, …

“Have you been to Khajuraho and Konark? There you will see what I am saying to you. Those are tantric temples, the most sacred temples that still exist on earth. These two temples have a different message which is not ordinary, which is extra ordinary. You will be surprised to see that on the outer sunlit walls there are all kinds of sexual postures- a man and a woman making love in so many postures, conceivable and unconceivable, possible and impossible. The entire wall is full of sex. One starts feeling what an obscenity! One wants to escape. But that is not because of the temple because of the priest and his poison inside you.  (The priest has told you sex is bad) Go inside as you start moving inside the temple, the figures are less and less and love starts changing. On the outer wall it is pure sexuality; as you start entering inside, you will find sex is disappearing. Couples are still there in deep love, looking into each others eyes, holding hands, embracing each other, but sexuality is no more there. Go deeper- and the couples have disappeared. Go still deeper…….At the innermost core of the temple, the Gharba, the womb,- there is not a single figure. No light is coming from outside; it is utter darkness, silence calm and quiet. And there is not even a figure of god- its emptiness, its nothingness.”

The innermost core is meditation, Samadhi, and the outermost core is sexuality. This the whole life of man depicted in the temple.

If you destroy the outer wall you will destroy the inner shrine to the innermost silence and darkness cannot exist without the outer walls.........."

Hence all creations happen from the innermost silence, the total darkness to light. A woman is in a state of Samadhi during pregnancy for she is in the process of creation. A man can achieve this state only through meditation.

An artist creates his images from obscure imagination. So does a writer in the absolute silence of his mind. One achieves bliss in orgasm!

In the Hindu temple of Shiva  and Shakti (Parvati) one finds the Shiva ling! The Ling and the Yoni are the genitals of both the sexes. The ling and the Yoni together is the symbol of copulation. Unmarried women and bachelors visit the temple of Shiva in order to get good spouses. The religious belief goes that even barren women gives birth if she fasts on Shiva Ratri (the night of Shiva) and prays to lord Shiva. One never takes a complete circle in a temple of Shiva! It is always the three quarters of a circle, turn around and walk back.

Talking of sex, Sex is wonderful, when there is warmth and feelings in the copulation. When the couple respect, care and love each other, otherwise it is pure animal instincts.

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Sumathi, In the past, I


In the past, I turned my face away to such a wall, but thank you for a walk from exterior to interior. If I see such a temple, I'll go in and take a look.

About three quarters of a circle and turn around and walk back, does it mean live on and enjoy our life?

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The shivaling

Hi Keiko,

Same here, now I am able to think of it rationally , logically. What was thought to be a taboo earlier is now I understand as a  part of life and creation. As usual I was unable to copy paste picture here, as it is asking for jpg or pdf file to insert, lest I'd have shown you why I wrote it. Go too google and type Shivling images and you will get to see the pictures. The ling  represents the male genital and the yoni the female genital, and if you look carefully, it is in copulation. The ordinary public does not even know it nor think of it logically as to why a shivling is shaped thus. All they do is offer milk and flowers to it...and pray!

Yes, the elongated part of the yoni represents the legs, and as I said it is the symbol of copulation in progress, so one only walks three quarters in a circle....smiles! Come to India Keiko and I will take you around to a few Shiva temples and you will get the complete idea......lol!

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[Gone to visit the temple of

[Gone to visit the temple of Shiva.]

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hahahah....Ellen you are unbelivable

You are like the motto........." LEARN TO KNOW, LEARN TO DO, LEARN TO BE" ....HAHHAHAHAH

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Ellen,How did you feel when


What did you feel when you got inside?  Enlightened?



Which century does the statue in the photo belong to?  She seems wearing a separate swimming suit.  The design of the cut has a sophisticated look.

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keiko, if I showed here  a

keiko, if I showed here  a traditional provocative one I may be banned from redroom even...lol...so I made her wear a swim suit...lol,

That one is not a very ancient one, just a recent sculpture in time. This one  looks decent enough...heheh!

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I wasn't feeling, Keiko.  I

I wasn't feeling, Keiko.  I was looking for that good spouse Sumathi promised me.  :-)  Still looking. . .

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Ellen,I noticed my


I noticed my misunderstanding after hitting the submit button.  Thank you.  Yes, it seems Sumathis is a good guide into that direction.  I'm paying close attention to what she says.  Later on, I think I need  her advice offline?!

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Ellen, one has to do penance

Ellen, one has to do penance to find a wonderful spouse. If you look around you may not find...lol!

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Fascinating blog, Sumathi!

Very interesting, very interesting indeed. I had no idea that the carvings changed so much from the outside to the inner rooms. Fascinating.

I love hearing stories like the Temple of Shiva too. Made me think of the famous Celtic white chalk man in Dorset (http://www.historic-uk.com/CultureUK/ChalkFigures.htm) where women roll over the giant chalk figure's 'bits' to improve their fertility!

Ellen!!! LOL!

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Hey Ryoma, just like me....hahah...isn't it?

wonderful information about the Celtic white chalk men, tnx buddy. Imagine women rolling over it...gosh!

I have read long back that among one of the African tribes, the bride to be had to prove her virginity by inserting a toy male organ , and she had to break her own virginity and bleed . This act was done on the eve of the marriage in the presence of elderly women. If she did not bleed,(what ever the reason) her character was questioned.  Strange custom indeed! poor girl !

Is Ellen back from the temple.......we are waiting to know what happened there..lol

Btw buddy, is R silent in your name , how does one pronounce your name??? Is it Roma or Yoma?

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  Ryoma, I thought this is



I thought this is very interesting.  I'm curious about the Celtic culture.  This reminded me of a Japanese photo I saw not too long ago, but I'm disappointed that after spending hours, I still cannot show you.  My memory can be faulty, but if I find it in future, I'll let you know. 

Also I thought the usage of chalk innovative.  And I wonder how people used chalk to remain on the ground and protected.Keiko Amano

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Ryoma, are you suggesting I

Ryoma, are you suggesting I should get all down and dirty for the cause?!  :-)

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Hi Sumathi, welcome

Hi Sumathi, welcome back!

This is such a beautiful blog. I see a pearly white light when I read it and it makes me feel calmed.

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Thnx Rebecca for a warm welcome by you and friends...

Feels nice to be back home amidst loved ones...I feel the same calm that you talk of...minus....'the bit' ofcourse...lol

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The temples sound like a

The temples sound like a metaphor for life!

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Welcome Mary

I was wondering where you were!

The ancient temple making also had its own science behind it, it generally depicted a lifestyle and its own scientific rituals. Over the years only the rituals remained and we missed on the science behind it. Today as the information is incomplete we call them superstitious.   Infact they had a better science than us which was  connected to philosophy. And they not only discussed philosophy but also practiced it, so they were less disturbed than us, I feel.

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Well, I was out tramping

Well, I was out tramping around castles and beautiful woodlands yesterday and came home exhausted. I don't think we need to be too hard on ourselves re. discussing and practicing philosophy, I for one, try to live a fairly decent life respecting nature, people, my children and dogs and myself, good food and decent wine, literature and art!

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Mares, You're lucky that you


You're lucky that you can walk around castles and beautiful woodlands.  Please take photos and show us.   There must me many lives fought to keep them.

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Thats a wonderful life you live Mary!

I like your philosophy of life, same here, minus wine though!

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'Linga' has different

'Linga' has different meanings in Sanskrit like gender, tribe, different roots and so on. So ‘ram lingam’ is not always genitals of ‘RAMA’ but a person from a group or tribe who worship god Rama. Hindu worship ‘god Shiva’ in different forms such as idol, mantra, linga, etc. Sexual coitus has been considered essential, holy act for growth of human beings in Hinduism. In Shiva temple you will notice Male female organs with graphic of sperm,like in this picture.




In Asian, Egyptian countries symbols are worshiped since ages. One has to understand its deep meaning before giving an opinion. Here genital organs are worshipped as a symbol of ‘creation of mankind by god’ and not in superficial terms. I want to draw your attention towards one more interesting thing that in Indian system of medicine ‘PARAD’ [mercury] is consider as a semen of lord Shiva, and many drugs can be prepared using sulphur and mercury. In short many things in Hindu religion are symbolic with deep meaning.

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  Jitu, I agree with you: 



I agree with you:  One has to understand its deep meaning before giving an opinion.

When we don't understand, we tend to make judgments.

Also I always appreciate your photos.  The black and white objects here reminded me of candle holders or Alladin's magical lamp.  These artistic shapes give me comfort.  Like metaphors in literature, ancient symbols have deep, sacred meanings.   

In reading Yusenkutu (Cavern of Disporting Fairies), I learned that a Chinese dates has a certain shape that is a symbol of sex.  It is written as 棗 (natume).  You can imagine a sexual tone from the construction of this kanji.  Natume is one type of tea caddies in Ocha (tea ceremony).  It is usually made of lacquered, carved wood.   You can see a sample shape as follows:  http://sadougu.shop-pro.jp/?pid=1983285

I've never seen the Chinese dates, but its shape must be beautiful like an egg.  I thought since Ocha was developed by men, the symbol must have a deep meaning to them.  Of course, such thing is not mentioned on any documents I've read so far.   

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. i think you understand me

. I think you understand me intoto. Two pictures are of real ' SHIV LINGA’ of Indian Shiva temple. Round bulging part is genitals of lord Shiva and round almond shape is female genital. One can define labia major and cavity in which sperm is traveling. I describe it here to clear all confusion. People shower water and milk on this 'LINGA'. You will find it interesting that cold water to sprinkle on phallus and scrotum is instant erective natural remedy. Milk is known aphrodisiac. Datura flower also offered to lingam is sedative and tranquil in effect.

 here is an intresting link for any body wants to learn more about the subject. 


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Jitu, What is intoto? 


What is intoto? 

Your explanation is very clear.  Growing up, I never had a sex education.  RR is great.  Thank you.

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I mean by intoto, total or

I mean by intoto, total or in full.

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There you go again Jitu...

There you go again Jitu... Your words....

You will find it interesting that cold water to sprinkle on phallus and scrotum is instant erective natural remedy."......... How is that, can throw some more light on this concept.

Milk is known aphrodisiac. Datura flower also offered to lingam is sedative and tranquil in effect." ....... No wonder a couple on their first night together were given a glass of milk  as a ritual.

Isn't Datura considred a poison. What is the concept of offering Datura to a lingam?

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  As you know Shiva is a


As you know Shiva is a god relating with bhoot, yaksha, yama, and all evil things. He is a protector of life and controller   of death. We call him 'SHIVA' means 'kalyan karta' means doing good for all. For this he has to live with all kind of evil. So his cosmetic is ashes of pyre. His jewellary is garland of skulls. He wears tiger skin. He consumes 'Bhang' [cannabis plant] with small quantity of datura seeds with milk and sugar. Here you can understand that one has to be a person as per ones work. He drank all the poisons of world to save world. His neck and throat became green from the reaction of poison, and we call him 'nil-kantha'. So to please him datura flower is offered. In real we can not use datura, but it is used in Ayurvedic medicine as a painkiller [local application] "dattur patradi tailam"

I advise male patients of poor libido, premature ejaculation with low sperm count to sprinkle cold water over his scrotum and genital. It helps to improve sperm count and erection. Very much proved, written in 'charak samhita' [1000 year B.C]

    I appreciate your questioning. 


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Your advise to patients is

Your advise to patients is news to me,  I understand Dattura better now. I like his drinking Bhang!

We should all get together one day to drink Bhang and get intoxicated to do Shiv Tandav...lol! It would be fun, isn't it Jitu?

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Ya Sumathi, some day, but

Ya Sumathi, some day, but mind well it is only good  if taken in low dose. I hope you are fine in your new home.

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I love my new home!

It is compact and lovely, i havent set the books on the  shelves and there are a other things to take care of between my busy schedule. On the whole I like it because I have access to everything close by. I feel like returning to it and taking care of it a little by little everyday, I am settling down slow and steady, most of all the serenity and tranquility I enjoy here amidst the din of the outside world. Thank  you for asking Jitu.

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Happy to know you are

Happy to know you are settled in your new house. 

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The blog is complete with

The blog is complete with the pictures of Shivling! Thank you Jitu, for the synonyms of Lingam. You have a great knowledge of these things and we feel enlightened by your sharing. 

I just meant that the general public do not think about the concept behind it, and many of them do not know why aShivaling is shaped thus. Without knowing the reasons behind it they worship it. Ofcourse the idea is the worship of creation, guess I left out that line in my blog that created a misunderstanding.

And it is interesting to know about 'Parad '.

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You are a person with wisdom

You are a person with wisdom and intelligence.In fact I love your boldness.

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your blog and comment

I always thought it was interesting that people viewed sex as a taboo subject, I say this because if one's parents did not have ever have sex then you would not either.
Now to the blog. What I like is how you were able to draw a parallel with sex and artistry. Not only is there the beautiful orgasm when you are "in the zone" (both physically and in the aritistic sense) but also you have a physical reminder of the joy that brings you joy later in life (in one case a baby in the other case a piece of art or a writing you are proud of). Great and enjoyable blog as always.

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Thank you Joshua for the

Thank you Joshua for the compliments. When I was growing up, none talked of sex. I used to read books to get my knowledge, it was a taboo subject for a discussion. Everything was so hush! hush!!, one always wondered whether it was good or bad.
Yes, a good sex relation does bring joy in life, and this happens only if couples care for each other.

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This is a scintillating post

This is a scintillating post, Sumathi. I'm glad you've come out in the open to express yourself, unlike other Indian women who pretend to be coy.

Sex when combined with love is truly enjoyable; its sublime if not divine. India has a lot to offer to the world by way of knowledge on sex.

We have been masters in the art and hundreds of years of foreign domination has not curbed our expertise in sex. Praise be to women like you, Sumathi! You are a great example of women empowerment!!

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I need a vault!!!

Ayeeeeeee Oswald, (I am red faced and coy now!!!..)lol... You have put me on a pedestal ....I feel I am standing up there and screaming all about the sex world..lol..hahhaha! Indian women never talk sex they only do it ...lol...heheh!
I think foreign domination has taught us Kama Sutra, that combines the art forms of love making.
The rising population of our country shows how much we Indians love and live by sex. Our temples talked of divine sex, the films talk of superficial ones, all the songs speak of love, be it heavenly, crazy, lovely..what ever!!! there is more to it than the words can say.......We are very emotional people!!!

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Intriguing post

I've been interested in the connection between the spiritual and the sexual. A few nights ago on Nightline, they ran a segment on a Sex Yoga workshop.

Nordette Adams
African-American Books Examiner for Examiner.com
See feeds from all her haunts @Her411.
Follow on Twitter @this link.

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Wow Nordette !

Is that you!  ? Welcome aboard! I read your wonderful interview at Aberjhani' house,  to the point interview, calm and composed interview. Thumbs up! Versatile that you are!

Coming to the blog,  Spiritualism should lead to sexualism, that way one can maintain one's body as a temple and enjoy true love and bliss.

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Sumathi, Thank you for your


Thank you for your follow up.  You understnad my flaw in character! 



I have faulty memory.  I just look at your other photo and realized that you're the same person in Aberjani's interview.  Two looks quite different, and it didn't click to my old brain.  I apologize.  I read all three of your interview plus your site and watched a television news.  At first, I thought I was watching like  a Saturday Night live.  

Again thank you for your visit. 

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Dr. Jitu and Sumathi. . .I

Dr. Jitu and Sumathi. . .I learn so much from you.

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Thank you Ell.

Thank you Ell.

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Thanx Ellen,

Jitu is wonderful with his knowledge sharing , taking all the pains  to put in pictures  too, between his busy schedule.

Keiko too, gets involved so whole heartedly, I admire her participation.  She reminds me of my student days! Craving to know more and more! 

And Ellen you are the best with your wonderful sense of humour! xoxo ! At the temple ! lol, i still cant stop smiling reading you.

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So, that’s why most of the

So, that’s why most of the Japanese Buddhism sects are called the Secret Religion (密教). It contains taboos, and that is connected to sex quite directly rather than vaguely indirectly. I see. I can understand why it had been very difficult for even the ancient priests to obtain Sutras, the general public had been shunned from reading them for many centuries, and just the other day, I was shocked to see the ancient Sanskrit document in English on the Web that was provided by Ellen. Hmm. I can understand that the leaders and priests were worried about their misinterpretation which could turn the society to decay.

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This blog is just an online

This blog is just an online course! :-D
Forgive my late entrance, Sumathi, but I was here wondering...
East and West...
To think that the most important woman in Christianity is a virgin.*sigh*

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Better late then never.

Better late then never. Welcome.

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Virginity /Chastity Belt

I agree with Jitu, better late than never, Welcome Luci! When you talked of virgin ...my mind wandered of to the Chastity belt women wore, and the key to the belt was in the protective hands of the elderly ladies.....lol!

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Thanks, Sumathi and Dr Jitu!

Thanks, Sumathi and Dr Jitu!

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The Virginity of Mary is of great significance to the Church

Hey folks, I'm no Catholic fanatic. But the Virginity of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is of great signifance to the Roman Catholic Church.

Catholics believe that "Jesus was conceived solely by the power of the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Virgin Mary, affirming also the corporeal aspect of this event."

Jesus was conceived "without human seed." In the virginal conception is the sign that it truly was the Son of God who came in a humanity like our own. The Gospel accounts understand the "virginal conception of Jesus as a divine work that surpasses all human understanding and possibility."

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Hi, Oswald You know, in a

Hi, Oswald

You know, in a church ruled by and for men whose aim is anything but power, it is understandable that women virginity would be important. Like the sole possession of a good. That was what I meant when I said the most important woman was a virgin.  And, let´s face it, we´re not soils where seeds are deposited as was believed until quite recently in History. We all know by now that it´s a 50/50 genetic game. :-)

With anything, some followers tend to take it literally, and it is largely encouraged by the church. More important than the absence of sex is what the conception without "human seed" might symbolize: to be impregnated by divine words and to accept a challenge that includes self-sacrifice. That is really powerful. The physical virginity of Mary is totally irrelevant in my opinion. In fact I think the emphasis on that only overshadows her decisive role in all the story. Her open spirit and courage are the key to understand her power.