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With due respect to all the religions, I am not the one who practices the rituals of any religion. That does not mean I am not spiritual. Well, I have been thus for more than a decade now. I do believe in the supreme power that can work miracles, and that is exactly happened in my case too a couple of days ago, when I happened to visit the holy shrine of a great saint Sai baba at Shirdi, Maharashtra, India. The visit was a call from him, for devotees believe that one cannot step on that holy land unless he wishes.

When I visited his hut called Chavdi and sat there in his invisible presence, tears ran down my cheeks uncontrollably for reason unthought-of then. Later on when I contemplated I understood that they were the tears of pain, of life’s trials and tribulations that I had been carrying with me like a burden.

 I had always cried at the injustice at not being acknowledged for my true worth, but in the presence of God, I realized who anybody is to recognize another human’s worth. Often I was pricked at the thought of being an orphan because of circumstances, when I walked out unwillingly from Chavdi, I felt I have a huge family.

 At the Masjid otherwise called Dwarakamai, which used to be his dwelling, I touched the huge stone he used to sit upon during his discourses and interactions with the villagers; I felt a shiver run down my spine, felt the goose pimples on my hands that stayed on till I came out of his invisible presence at the masjid. Hundreds of devotees throng there, but very few get this feel people say. Only a seeker can find it, and I am blessed to have received it.

While in the meditation room, I was reading the Holy Scripture, Satcharitra, based on the original stories of Baba’s life. I noticed an unusual devotee who came in.  He could hardly walk or stand properly as his body shook uncontrollably. He picked up a broom and started sweeping the floor of the hall. People seated there watched him first then ignored him. I realized blessed is the man who can do his daily routine without anybody’s help and the irony is we take pride in employing maids to do our own work. We forget often that we are blessed people in the world, and continue with our cribbing about work load.

 I was thinking of offering him some money looking at his physical condition, when I noticed him reaching into his pocket with his shaking right hand, pulled out a coin from his pocket and offered it to a woman seated next to him. I felt ashamed at my own thoughts. Great is the work of god! It was an eye opener for me who are we to give when god is the giver for all.

Stray cats and dogs roamed freely feeding on the offerings given by devotees, peaceful and in harmonious existence with humans, which was very strange to see!

Thousands thronged to visit the Samadhi, where the holy saint’s body rested. After standing in a queue for about three hours, I finally got to see his Samadhi and offer flowers and got to be in his presence for hardly five minutes, such was the rush. Later on I learnt to sing his hymns along with the devotees sitting late into the night, which did give me the spiritual satisfaction that I was looking forward to.

People come there from all walks of life, people who have enjoyed his blessings, people who seek his blessings. I had many things to say and ask, somehow after praying for kith and kin and friends; I forgot to ask what I wanted, for the experience itself was so rich, I desired nothing more after that. I realized faith is power and I did experience the power of faith for the first time in my life; it is miraculous!


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Don't let it go.

Blessed you are if you found faith again.Don't let this treasure slip out of your hands again.

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Blessed is all

Thank you for encouraging notes Hammoudiji. Blessed is the soul that can recognise another and encourage too.