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Some musings

What to begin with......there are so many thought streams touching the river of life, I am not right away able to flow on one thought.......

I feel a person has a certain level of all kinds of emotions with in, that he invests or shares with people at a given point of time, with the people whom he can vibe with. The abstract emotions, that makes the existence of his self, if let loose carries him away. Stability of the mind or sanity is to recognition and balance. 

Every relation finds its warmth round the corner at one point of time or the other. Its this warmth that stabilizes a relation.

Though we are all different units, at a certain level, via emotions, the units get connected, or disconnected. The energy that flows in and out of these units, decides the level of attraction and repulsion.

Greater the understanding of mind, body and his relation to other units in nature, deeper gets his understanding of self and his existence in and with nature.

One who has not lived and understood the pain and pleasures of attachment cannot appreciate detachment.

Detaching self from ego, anger, jealousy and vengeance leads to forgiveness. Most of the time, we are in zeal to prove the worth of self to ones own self and to others. Proving once specialty again and again can become so heady, the ego builds up.. This inflated image of self can alienate self from ones own real self. One may not recognize ones own ego, unless pointed out to one by others, wisdom lies in looking at both sides of the coin.  A deflated ego brings in the neutrality, the calmness after turbulence; it all lies in self analysis and acceptance. Serenity is achieved when one has understood the true evaluation of self and is at peace with in him and the surroundings. Each has his own worth, and none is superior or inferior, the whole point is in the depth. At a ground level all are equal.....the deeper one goes within self, greater is his understanding with the outside world, the peaceful he is within and outside.

Sumathi Mohan




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Fascinating musings!

Thanks for posting this blog, Sumathi Mohan. :)

Here are some musings of my own that I would like to share. I hope you do not mind.

I theorise that everything is energy; thoughts, emotions, our life force, the physical being, nature. Even books! Everything!

I also think that the energy of each item, each object, person, emotion, thought, etc. has it's own unique 'fingerprint' (for want of a better description).

While our understanding of existence separates everything into physical entities, with or without thought processes and/or emotions, I wonder if all of this energy exists in a sea of energy, flowing and intermingling all the time.

I theorise that combinations of energy signatures create new signatures. For example, a person who has an interest in art who then develops a passion for a particular work of art will change the type of energy that they have.

Similar 'signatures' attract.

On the basis of this premise, I think that it explains how people who are meant to meet will come together, regardless of the odds. I also believe that if you someone wants something enough, an out of print book or rare artifact for example, that this exponentially increases the 'chance' of that person coming across the object, possibly in the remotest and strangest of places.

I think that if people can gain a better understanding of this, if it were indeed true, then it would be possible to affect the paths that we travel in life more positively. Saying that though, I also think that it is a natural law of attraction that happens to all of us, regardless of wether or not we believe this theory.

Oh, I would also like to believe that when our physical bodies die, that our life energies are released and remain intact in some way, within the universal sea of energy. It would be nice to believe that the energy maintains it's 'self' to a degree before it moves on to whatever is the next step in it's natural life cycle. That's my hope anyway. :)

These are my musings. Thanks for reading.

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You are right Ryoma,

Thank you for sharing your musings, there is a deep connection to what I have written . We are all units in the universe, thus connected to each other through space. All we have to do is establish this relation. As you said, its the same energy that attracts and eventually seeks and meets, may be that is the reason some people gel well and some do not. A spiritual mind can understand and connect to other units better I feel, because i have experienced this through telepathy. Now telepathy is a totally different topic...to be contd....
Ryoma dear friend, we can go deeper into the topic, as we share our musings, its getting late, i need to retire now....will continue