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International Literacy Day, Sep 8th
International Literacy Day , rally, Sep 8th

 Wow! What a day!....Today would remain a memorable day indeed  for the sole reason that as the head of the Institution I took out a rally promoting literacy on International Literacy Day. It reminded me of the days when I had taken out rallies in the villages on the outskirts of Hyderabad, fighting against child labour and child marriage.  As a volunteer teacher to a Government School, I used to be an active participant in rehabilitating child labours back to school. We then used to walk from village to village, talking to villagers the importance of literacy. A few listened and sent their kids back to schools. Others argued that the kids were their bread winners ,If they sent them to school, would the government pay for the days labour.  Many were the times when we could not answer their logical questions.  Personaly I have canvassed the gaurdians of child widows to send them back to school, the ones that were lucky enough to return did fare well in their tenth Board examinations and went on to attend college.

A decade flew by and I saw the days pass by in front of me filled with adventures. One adventurous situation was when I travelled to one of the towns of Karnataka and saw the litered plastic causing havoc. The filth around shook my very being that lead to a silent protest march inside my school campus that said...SAY NO TO PLASTIC

Today, was as exciting as one of those days when I got busy writing slogans and making placards with enthusiastic teachers and students. After an early lunch we took out a silent march to promote literacy. 

The motto of the rally was to make aware the public, the importance of literacy and to stop child Labour.

The slogans read; ‘No Literacy, No Revolution!’, ‘Literacy eradicates poverty!’ and ‘Support literacy movements!’

The Program also emphasized on public awareness of the extra ordinary value of the written word and of the necessity to promote a Literate Society.

We stood silently by the roadside with our placards as the passers by became for once aware that there is a day celebrated as INTERNATIONAL LITERACY DAY!

Google and you will find facts more shocking that states the percentage of literacy in each country.

I think I have contributed fairly well in promotion of literacy today, The International Literacy Day!

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Celebrate Literacy

I'm excited to learn that today is International Literacy Day, as it is the first day of ESL / ABE classes through the local college campus! And it is also my first day teaching ESL! I'm trying not to be "nervous" (as I always am standing up in front of people), but your post reminds me of the bigger picture...it's not about me; it's about those who want to learn and be more literate! Thank you for pointing that out to me! Cheers!

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Believe in what you do!

Thank you for reading me. Yes we are talking about the picture here. I was nervous as u are in the beginning, by and by one confidence then i guess end up bringing public awareness without feeling cautious about self. The cause becomes more important than the person. I wish you the best Carin. Believe in what you do, the rest simply follow!!!

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The Power of the Press

This event was covered by the Eanadu Newspaper and Sakshi Newspaper. Thanx to the reporters Mr. Omprakash and Mr. Santhosh for creating the desired ripple through the Press Power!

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Sumi, congratulation for the

Sumi, congratulation for the work you are doing and for achieving featured blog post.

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Dear Jitu, thank you for the

Dear Jitu, thank you for the support and encouragement, I think it is part of my job. Yea, Hunt has been supportive too, putting my blog on the home page. He gave the grand finale to the work! 3 cheers goes to him. :)

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On retrospection!

Tomorrow is International Literacy Day, how fast time flies! I look at my blog and the memories come clouding in . I feel the euphoria of the effort and the difference that had made  in the perception of the people in the locality. I go through the pictures and smile. I thank in my heart the RR for saving these memories.

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Tomorrow is once again the

Tomorrow is once again the International Literacy Day. I reflect.