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In pursuit of self 7

This journey continues..... the reality of the spiritual world is as abstract as the unsurety of the concrete world. Its all about the search to reach a truth that eludes constantly. There have been times when I have been totally detached from my surroundings yet have been connected to it. This dual life though may baffle a novice, surely and subtly the new meditator settles down . Once the feel of higher planes becomes a natural process in meditation, it is easier to settle down to deep meditation very early.

Deep meditation elevates one to visions that is happening around us. The sixth sense begins to get sharper. The aura begins to thicken thus building a protective shield around the meditator. In the beginning the aura appears like a pink colored flimsy placenta continuosly shaking, dust particles spread along the length of the person. As the meditation progresses, the aura thickens to  white light rays. An  aura  not only  protects but also acts like a shielf of confidence, warding of negative energy.

One begins to understand the essence of self and his existence. This is when the meditator widens his journey to higher planes of reception and understanding. Telepathy is easier and he can easily read feelings of the person he or she is connected to.

Visions may appear in the form of numbers, pictures,symbols, smoke, white rays etc. depending on the thought process connected to the seeker. The ability  to connect through feelings is one of the wonders that one can enjoy only in higher planes.


This journal is written and recorded for future analysis.

Sumathi Mohan

6.08 p.m

24th March 2012

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I wonder if anybody is reading and making sense of what I am trying to say.

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Not an unkmown world for me.Good stuff.

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Thank you for the read

Not surprised ! You are a seeker ! Experience is the best teacher. Thanx Hombre.